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Dec 19, 2013 02:02 AM

want to make tamarind wine

How would i go about doing this? I'm planning on using tamarind pulp dissolved in water, but what pulp to water ratio should I use? How much sugar should I add? Anybody done this before?

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  1. You would be far better served by seeking a home-winemaking site, or -- better yet -- consulting with a home-winemaking supply store in your area, than you would by asking a bunch of consumers, most of whom have never made wine in their lives . . . .

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      Though we haven't had a ton of discussion on home winemaking here on Chowhound, people are certainly welcome to ask the questions -- we imagine there are some other winemakers in the audience here who might be able to answer them.

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        Brilliant! Could some moderator please point to anywhere I said "Don't ask!" Rather, I attempted to be helpful by saying the OP would probably receive a MORE HELPFUL/BENEFICAL answer by searching a site *specific* to home winemaking!

        Happy Holidays!

    2. Whoa! I cannot think of a more astringent fruit base for a wine. I hope you like to pucker completely between sips.

      1. Did you Google
        fruit wine homemade tamarind

        Lots of instructions when you do.

        But be careful of spoilage and fermentation problems.

        1. Jack Keller, the authority on non-grape wines, has a recipe here (scroll down a bit):

          1. Back when I used to make beer, I often thought about using tamarind in a dark beer. But I never got around to trying it.