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Dec 19, 2013 01:41 AM

Good liquors/liqueurs with which to spike coffee

I have been in a coffee mood since the weather turned cold, and I was wondering what ideas others have for what liquors to add.

Two I have tried so far that really stand out are grappa and sambuca. Bourbon and spiced/dark rum have also been good.

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  1. Years back, someone brought a bottle of Tuaca to a party we had and left it. It wasn't until I started spiking coffee with it a few months back that I found a decent use for it. Also, Grand Marnier is surprisingly nice in coffee.

    1. My old man always made his "Irish Coffee" with Irish Mist.

      You can argue it is/is not an Irish coffee but it is inarguably tasty.

      1. bailey's irish cream

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          Al's are three of my go-tos.


          Last year a friend of mine gave me a bottle of Kahlua peppermint mocha, which was very good. I just got another bottle of that from the clearance rack.

          ETA: How did I forget Jameson's? The original Irish coffee.

          1. Thirding Kahlua, it's a natural match! For a little more punch, Jack Daniels. They make a honey one now that would be very nice.