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NEW Cluck-UChicken to Open in Toms River NJ

Sign is up and opening soon in the old BUCCIOS BISTRO Location..at

552 Lakehurst Rd, Toms River, NJ......
right across the parking lot of the Miracle Pub...


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  1. Oh my, no more trips to Wall or Eatontown. The one in Brick was crap. I love the Roman sandwich. Extra garlic butter please. Wings extra wet.

    When I first moved down here, there used to be one on Rt 37 but it closed.

    My family is going to flip out!

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    1. re: Jerseygirl111

      I went to the now defunct Cluck U on RT-88 in Brick about five years ago.
      It's still in my bottom three meals of all time.

        1. re: rickster71

          Passed by last night they are now Open for business!!

        2. re: Jerseygirl111

          Jerseygirl if you're in Eatontown for wings please make a trip to Jack's in Long Branch! Best wings in the area hands down. Apparently you like garlic - try their garlic buffalo (with blue cheese) and garlic teriyaki (with ranch). Fantastic stuff.

          5$ for 10 wings during happy hour and football games.

            1. re: Jerseygirl111

              Yes...but you should eat them while they're hot and crispy!

              1. re: joonjoon

                I have already mentioned this place to my husband. We will absolutely try it. Thanks for the rec!

            2. re: joonjoon

              Still haven't been up there to try the wings but have not forgotten Joon!

          1. I don't know the area that well, but I do know where you are talking about...are there a lot of chicken places nearby?

            Supply and demand...I've found that with some of these types of places, some are very good and some are very not good, LOL.

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            1. re: ELA

              only other places for Chix & wings etc, is the Miracle Pub next door, the Chinese take outs....Full House, Golden Dragon, BJ's rottiserie, etc, etc, on rt 9 in TR.

              1. re: Tapas52

                Did you see ChikFilA is opening by the Costco in Brick?

                1. re: Jerseygirl111

                  Where in the Costco mall is C-F-A opening? Where the old Qdoba used to be (next to Tommy's)?

                  1. re: sbier

                    Across the street from the Costco in the Lowe's parking lot.

            2. I've been to the on in Red Bank maybe a half dozen times over the years.........it's not bad for what it is. Their wings are good, the fried chicken is good and the chicken riding his bike around Red Bank is always a sight to see!

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                Whats the difference between "thermo nuclear" wings &
                "must sign waiver" ?

                1. re: Tapas52

                  I once made the mistake of buying the thermonuclear wings. When my eyes started burning and tearing in the car on the way home should have tipped me off. I've been a Chilehead for decades, but after 1 wing I gave it up and tossed them.

                  These wings are made using a chile pepper extract sauce, which use solvents to concentrate the capsaicin to the point where the heat obliterates any possibility of detecting any actual flavor. Another attribute of extract sauces is that prior to having the ability to taste wiped out, the main flavor that can be noted seems most like what I believe singed cat hair would taste like...

                  1. re: equal_Mark

                    "to the point where the heat obliterates any possibility of detecting any actual flavor"

                    I never understood that. I like spicy food, something with a kick or a bite sometimes, but I never understood wanting something so hot, spicy, etc. -- that you can't enjoy the flavor, taste, etc.

                    When I hear stories about this kind of thing, you sometimes just have to laugh. LOL.

                    1. re: ELA

                      It has a lot to do with the ability to develop a tolerance for spicy food. For folks that have such a tolerance they simply are not as affected by the heat, and thereby are able to taste the flavors in very spicy cuisines like Thai or Indian. Folks with no tolerance have a hard time appreciating the flavors due to the heat.

                      Those with a strong tolerance to the heat enjoy the flavors in good food, but find the "pissing contest" or "they can't make it hot enough for me" competitive attitude to be juvenile & distasteful.

                      I like it hot & spicy but Flavor is still the key!

                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        Agreed...I like certain Thai and Indian food, and I like spicy food as well...sometimes very spicy. I don't know that I have a strong tolerance per se, but the tolerance aspect -- if you have to "tolerate" it and it "burns" or causes those types of reaction, I would hope someone could still even taste yet alone enjoy the flavors, tastes, etc.

                        I agree completely -- hot and spicy is very good, but flavor is certainly key.

                    2. re: equal_Mark

                      Mark I agree, I Love it spicy as you know as long as it "Enhances the taste of the Food"..........but when these kids are Drunk and start to challenge each other to a
                      Thermo Nuke contest all bets anything goes regardless of taste...lollol

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        What do you think the best level of heat is at CluckU? (I trust answers from people who did the Jichuan thing a few weeks ago. :-) )

                        1. re: eleeper

                          We just tried the Cluck-U in Aberdeen. They have five levels of heat (with meaningless temperatures attached to them!). We got the traditional (level 2) and nuclear BBQ (level 3). Neither were very hot, though I thought the flavor for traditional was fine. Next time we'll probably try "Traditional Death" (level 4) and see how that is.

                          1. re: eleeper

                            Where is the Cluck-U in Aberdeen?

                            1. re: jrvedivici

                              It's in the free-standing building in the Strathmore shopping center on Route 34 (next to where Blockbuster used to be).

                    3. re: Tapas52

                      This may be my anal side coming out(thankfully not literally), but I noticed the 50 bucket of wings is 39.99 while their best value tray of 100 is 79.99. 2 buckets of 50 would be 79.98 and a slightly better value.

                      1. re: hcentro

                        I haven't been and haven't looked at their menu...however, aside from a "tray" vs. "two buckets" and all that...slightly better value is a penny?

                        I've seen this before and know people who opt for the tray, for convenience, preparation, ease, etc. But, who knows.

                  2. There's also a new one on Route 34 in Aberdeen a bit south of West Lake on the opposite side of the road.

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                    1. re: eleeper

                      We've bought chicken tender platters from that location. My son and his buddies enjoy their tenders.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        I will confess to have eaten there multiple nights in a row. Their honey dipped fried chicken is pretty decent also.

                    2. Interesting...I didn't know Cluck-U was still around. The original store in New Brunswick that had been on Easton Avenue for 30 or so years seems to have closed recently.

                      Then again, unlike when they fiorst opened, there's a LOT more competition on that street now aimed directly at the Rutger's crowd.

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                      1. re: The Professor

                        I was in NB about two months ago and didn't realize they closed. Having gone to school nearby there and spending a lot of my high school and younger years there I remember Cluck-U well.

                        Sorry to hear they closed.

                      2. I used to order from the Eatontown location. I now live in Forked River so this is good news for me. Not exactly fine dining but good for a quick bite. I wonder if they still have the honey dipped chicken?
                        I'll check this out. Thanks!

                        1. Maybe it's the coincidence thing, but since reading this thread -- I've seen them all over! LOL.

                          Parsippany, Morristown, and somewhere else I was driving. LOL.

                            1. re: Tapas52

                              The Cluck U is now open. They opened on Tuesday.


                            2. They are offering 25% off!

                              1. Today I had a chance to stop into the NEW Cluck U-Chicken for lunch now that its open. Nice clean place, friendly staff, explaining menu items when asked & made some suggestions for lunch specials also. First up I ordered some THERMO NUCLEAR WINGS one notch down from the "Hottest" on their heat meter. Second a 3 PC Fried chicken dinner, w/ fries & some mini corn muffins included.
                                I sat down while they cooked my food and was served at my table 5 minutes later. I dove right into the Thermo Nuclear Wings to get the full impact & heat level...I would have to say it barley approached jalapeno level in my opinion & I'm a Hot Head, after the extreme heat of
                                4-Seasons Thai Saturday this was nothing, didn't even break a sweat, hahahaha......although tasty & crispy but next time I'll sign the heat waiver & Im going for the top level the "911" wings to see what that's all about ;-) lol...
                                The 3 PC meal consisted of 1 wing, 1 leg, 1 breast. Nice an crispy and served hot as it should be with 2 mini corn muffins, My only concern was that the fried chix needed some Seasoning in the coating as it was a bit too plain for my tastes,....I added some Cajun spice I carry eerywhere to kick it up a notch, but they need to adjust the recipe. Popeye's blows Cluck U away as far as taste with fried chix for sure. The Fries were very good crispy outside soft potato inside as it should be..... all in all $11.99 I had a decent lunch but bring your favorite spices & hot sauces when you go!!!

                                PS: they will start delivery in abort 2 weeks the manager said.

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                                1. re: Tapas52

                                  We were told they will begin delivery after the Super Bowl. I assume they feel they'd be overwhelmed by demand.

                                2. Finally had the chance to eat here. Up front I will say we have been eating Cluck U Chicken since at least 1995.

                                  Our family order consisted of:
                                  2 Roman Cluckwiches (breaded chicken breast sandwich with garlic sauce & melted mozzerella) $5.79 each
                                  2 Original Cluckwiches (breaded chicken breast sandwich w/lettuce, tomato and mayo) $5.79 each
                                  1 order of Clucker spuds (seasoned french fries) $3.99
                                  15 Wingers, mild, extra wet $13.99
                                  Total $44.02

                                  Overall we were quite disappointed. The Roman's looked good, large but thin breasts, not overcooked and the rolls were nice. The problem was the garlic sauce was not garlicky or buttery or creamy. It was just oily. It tasted like fake margarine or weird oil Papa Johns serves with their pizza. There was no garlic whatsoever. The location in Eatontown also serves this type of garlic bread as their Roman but it tastes of garlic not oil. The location in Manasquan/Wall offers their Roman with a creamy garlic aioli and it is fantastic.

                                  The Original sandwiches were fine. The lettuce was fresh enough but the tomatoes are tasteless. I don't expect much in January tomato-wise anyway.

                                  The fries are your average fries. Years ago the fries were seasoned wedges but sadly changed to regular fries.

                                  The Wingers are another disappointment. They were extra saucy as requested and decent size, but there was something off. The BBQ sauce was fine, tasted like the usual sauce. But when you got beyond the sauce, there was a strange aftertaste to the chicken, but it wasn't the meat. I believe either they are using a strange oil to fry in or maybe it was old or burnt and needed to be changed. Either way it left a strange taste in my mouth and I couldn't get through three wings. It was on the outside of the chicken. My husband didn't taste it at first and ate 6 wings but then afterward said something did have an off taste. He described as diet wheat bread and thinks it was in the coating. Whatever it was, It was no good.

                                  I asked both my brothers that live near me if they had tried the new location yet and both did. They both felt the sandwiches were oily, but didn't notice the issue with the wings.

                                  This is a huge disappointment to us. We were so thrilled to finally have a Cluck U near our home and to have this experience is a big let down. My husband spoke to the employees when he picked up our meal and they already own a location in Red Bank. I've never eaten there so I don't know if this place is representative of this particular franchisee or just grand opening pains.

                                  I would not hesitate to recommend Manasquan/Wall Twp or Eatontown.

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                                  1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                    jerseygirl 111 great review Although I tried it and it was just ok.....I will never return.....there's so much better chicken choices out there!! Just go across the parking lot to
                                    The Miracle Pub for great Wings!


                                    1. re: Tapas52

                                      I'm honestly kind of baffled by all the Cluck U talk on Chowhound...their wings are really kinda poor...they have a nice gimmick going with the 10+ levels of heat you can pick from but the only place I can think of that has worse things than they do is BWW...

                                      1. re: joonjoon

                                        The only redeeming quality I've found with them is that they offer pickled jalapenos as a side. Of course it's not much effort to for me pick up wings at Jacks in LB and take them home where I've got all kinds of pickled hot stuff!

                                        As far as the 10+ heat levels, they quickly pass into the "Stupid Hot" realm using capsaicin extract sauces that obliterate any flavor with bitter raging heat.

                                        1. re: joonjoon

                                          When I lived in Iselin, there was a Cluck-U practically in my backyard. Literally right around the corner. We started eating there years ago and fell in love with their BBQ wings-not the traditional Buffalo type. We are huge fans of chicken sandwiches, so we have tried all their varieties over the years and just stuck with them. Like anything else, we have seen some changes in the menu over the years, but the wings have always been fine. They are a good size and not terribly expensive.

                                          When we moved south of TR, we had to travel for Cluck-U to Brick, then they changed (and subsequently closed) and we split between Eatontown and Wall Twp. We were thrilled when TR opened, then sadly, it sucked. But anyone that is at all curious about their sandwiches should try the other locations, esp. Wall. I honestly don't think TR is a good representation of the chain. I will give them a month to work out the kinks and try again. If they still stink, then we are back to commuting for chicken.

                                          1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                            I don't understand doesn't a chain franchise hold their quality control and menu to a certain standard so they are basically all the same quality?

                                            1. re: Tapas52

                                              <shrugs> You would think so. But take my word, they are different. Now it used to be some locations sold the chicken but were not "technically" Cluck U locations. I don't know the details because I didn't really care until the food was different, but clearly they are not McDonalds where the food tastes exactly the same everywhere. I wish it did.

                                          2. re: joonjoon

                                            You and me both with BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) being hand's down one of the worst wings I have ever had.

                                            I'll tell you were is a pretty good wing, the new Brick House on 66 in Neptune. I got them recently with their "man cave" sauce, kind of like a Thai chili sauce. Mostly sweet, a little kick, nice balance, meaty wings.

                                          3. re: Tapas52

                                            If anyone cares, we think the fried chicken at the Chicken Holiday at Route 79 and Route 516 in Matawan is pretty good.

                                        2. Just saw another one out on Route 10 in Randolph (Northern NJ)...

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                                          1. re: ELA

                                            The Cluck U in Randolph is pretty mediocre, and inconsistent. I prefer to go to the one in Morristown, which is much better and consistent. I also like the fact that it is open late, til 1 am on mon-wed, 3am thur-sat, and until midnight on sun.

                                          2. So we got delivery from Cluck-U in TR last Saturday night. It took over an hour to get the food after calling at 9pm. Next time, we will just pick it up, as we can get there and back much quicker. The food is cooked to order though.

                                            We ordered 2 Roman Cluckwich sandwiches, 1 Original Cluckwich, fries and 10 mild wingers. The wings were SO much better. They didn't have a burnt or an off taste at all. The sauce is great.

                                            The Romans are still suffering from that excess oiliness when you bite into them, not the chicken but the garlic butter/oil they use on the roll.

                                            The Original sandwich was fine.

                                            Overall, I still prefer the sandwiches with the aioli over the garlic oil, but this location is recommended for wings.