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Dec 18, 2013 05:12 PM

Duck on Long Island?

Where can you find a restaurant that serves an great duck entree? Looking more for the Continental-type preparation but it would be great to find a new Peking Duck spot beyond the obvious(Orient or Fortune Wheel). Thank You!

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  1. cassis in Huntington check website for menu. Do duck well I heard. will try soon myself

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    1. Chef-owner of Lola in Great Neck is also a partner in Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Lola's menu has plenty of duck and foie gras. At Mirabelle in Stony Brook, chef's most famous dish is probably "duck two ways."

      1. My favorite place for duck is the Meetinghouse Creek Inn in Aquebogue. The duck comes from Crescent Farms in Aquebogue, about 1/4 mile away and is really fresh. To make good duck, you have to start with fresh product.


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          Fred, you just reminded me, the best duck I've had is at Bayview Inn, just a few miles farther east from Crescent, in Jamesport. The chef there is a magician.

          Meetinghouse is another favorite of ours, a similar old fashioned place also featuring a wonderful chef. Love the tiki bar in the summer, and sitting on the river cooling off in more ways than one.

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            Where is Meetinghouse?
            Duh! Just noticed the link!

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              Make a right at the light in Aquebogue, and stay left over the railroad tracks. The railroad tracks that abutt the Cresent Duck Farm!

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            Each morning the manager walks a group of ducks down the road and over to the restaurant. It's cute to watch.

          3. Speaking of which, someone just posted this recipe on fb and it looks really promising: