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Dec 18, 2013 05:01 PM

Hog's Headcheese Pie

On No Reservations (Cajun Country episode) there was a pie that was made at the hog killing Anthony attended. They referred to it as hog's headcheese pie and it looked amazing.

I was hoping that someone knew the recipe or had at least heard of this. I tried to find a image from the show but no luck. Maybe I can get lucky here though.

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  1. I did not see that episode, being allergic to much of Food TV, but I have never heard of such a thing. I have seen lots of quick-trick leftover deals including pie crusts although mostly the scraps have been made into pork "meatpies" ( "porkpie" might sound like a hat). I once saw an experiment putting leftovers into a thawed out pie shell, stuffed pretty high and then another pieshell was inverted over that and fastened around the edges with bacon and wooden toothpicks, then deep fried. It didn't work out well and I don't think they ever tried it again. But it was emblematic of backyard gastronomy. If, in today's world, you could perfect it and open a remote restaurant that required lots of effort plus a boat trip to get to, you could start an El Bulli craze in the swamps.

    1. Never heard of it, other than on that episode. Which brings up an excellent point about Cajun cooking in general: it is remarkably adaptive and flexible and welcomes innovation.

      Head cheese is nothing more than a standard jellied terrine, made with the small bits of meat (facial muscles) on the pig's head. Plenty of modern home cooks use boston butt, with pigs' feet to supply the gelatin, achieving similar results without the actual pig's head. (See my recipe here:


      I don't recall a visual of said pie in that episode? It would be easy enough to make a standard headcheese and pour it (pre-gelling) into a blind-baked crust. It would rate as a country cousin to pate en croute (or terrine en croute), a classical French standard.

      1. As I recall, it was just hogshead cheese molded in a pie pan instead of a loaf.

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          Well, that's not very special. Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse in Laplace does holiday hogshead cheese in the shape of a CHRISTMAS TREE.