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Dec 18, 2013 04:46 PM

Lamb Tongue Sandwich?

I was recently in Tempe, AZ and stopped by Haji Baba market and restaurant on Apache.

I was intrigued by the lamb tongue sandwich on the menu. The only description was "Once you try this you won't stop talking about it". (Presumably, the lamb isn't saying much anymore...) Of course, how could you not order it??

Sure enough, the sandwich was truly amazing and I wanted another one immediately. It made me wonder if there are any halal spots in LA that offer the same thing.

Anyone ever see a lamb tongue sandwich around here?



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  1. FWIW, baaaa! does not require the use of a tongue.

    cafe glace on the west side allegedly serves a lamb tongue sandwich.

    1. Attari Grill just east of Westwood Boulevard serves an excellent tongue sandwich on a baguette. If I recall correctly it is made with beef tongue, but don't let that stop you!

      1. Lamb Tongue is so good it speaks for itself

        1. I second Attari for great tongue sandwiches. Torino Sandwiches in Altadena also serves a delicious tongue sandwich.

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            Attari of course. You may as well go for
            The calfs brain sandwich as well.

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                Mmmm... kotlet:) Glenoaks Deli in Glendale has some fantastic kotlet sandwiches as well as their signature Medi sandwich.