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Dec 18, 2013 03:46 PM

Christmas in Ogunquit?

We're heading up to Ogunquit on Christmas Day and are looking for a place to eat. Our preference is for decent Chinese or dim sum. We are not looking for a traditional Christmas meal, and we'll have two foodie friendly kids with us. We're willing to travel up to about 45 minutes. Suggestions?

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  1. On Christmas Day, we started out at Hoss and Mary's in Old Orchard Beach for lunch. It was the perfect choice--yummy, beachy, and casual. Dinner found us at Empire Chinese Kitchen in Portland. The food was great with good service. Day after Christmas brought breakfast at Stonewall Kitchen's cafe, lunch at Mike's Clam Shack in Wells (decent enough lobster roll and reasonably close to Ogunquit when finding a place to eat lunch while driving around an unfamiliar town during a snow), and dinner at Cornerstone in Ogunquit. All in all, successful, yummy dining during the off season.

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      Thanks for reporting back. I can't comment on your OOB and Portland choices, but Stonewall Kitchen, Mike's and Cornerstone are good choices ... particularly at this time of the year when the pickings are certainly a bit slim.