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What's your *personal* eggnog recipe?

Let's hear it.

Raw eggs, cooked eggs, non-dairy, vegan, Kosher, etc. Whatever.

Rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka, whiskey, scotch, Peppermint Schnapps, punch, Kool-Aid. All good.

Please share.

Happy holidays.

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  1. Raw egg yolks, milk , cream, bourbon

    1. In my (southern) family we don't do eggnog...we do "boiled custard." No nutmeg! No peppermint! It's eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. I have a bunch of recipes but it's probably way too plain for ya. We love it though.

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        so mine must be boiled custard with nutmeg. (and Kahlua.)

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          Oooooohhhh...Kahlua! Now that sounds good!

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            Ooh, I never would have thought of kahlua but that sounds so good. Plus I think it could be a legit brunch drink-eggs and coffee, right?

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            Lazy boiled custard is: milk, eagle brand and vanilla pudding mix. Yeah not as good as homemade but better than the carton.

          3. My personal eggnog.
            Store bought carton of eggnog. Add bourbon or rum to taste. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

            1. Here's my current formula. This is designed to be aged at least one year. (BTW this probably should have gone in the Spirits forum.)


              - 7 egg yolks (L or XL eggs)
              - heaping 3/4c sugar (raw crystals, turbinado, or demarrara if possible, for some molasses flavor)
              - 2/3c heavy cream
              - 2 1/4c whole milk
              - 1c bourbon (WL Weller, Maker's Mark, or similar -- a mellow wheated bourbon)
              - 3/4c rum (dark amber, not too sweet: Banks 7 Island, Appleton XO, Zacapa XO, etc)
              - 3/4c cognac (something robust. Ferrand 1840, Martell VSOP, or maybe Marie Duffau Hors D'Age armagnac)
              - 1/2c - 3/4c* peach brandy (Mathilde Peche, Marie Brizard, Bols, or some other good brand ... *NOT* the cheap garbage from DeKupyer, Leroux, or anything else you would spit out if you sipped an ounce straight, at room temperature)
              - 1/3c pimento (allspice) liqueur (St. Elizabeth is the standard here. If you can't get it, you can sub some other liqueur, but it's tough to know what would work. Nocello might be nice. An almond liqueur could work well too. Something deep, smooth, and warming.)
              - 1/4 tsp salt
              - 2 tsp vanilla extract

              * Regarding the peach brandy, I find that the flavor fades over the aging period. The Mathilde has great flavor but is a bit less concentrated than some of the others, so the 3/4c is for that brand. For the others go toward 1/2c.

              - Cream together sugar, salt, and yolks
              - Add everything else. Mix well.
              - Fill bottles (I use two 25 oz glass Perrier bottles, which this recipe fills just about perfectly)
              - Close bottles, stick at the back of the fridge, and forget about them for a year
              - Open, pour over an ice cube or two, grate on some fresh nutmeg if you feel like it, and enjoy (I hope!)

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                  You and me both.

                  I feel like I need a Designated Reader.

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                    Hah! Well:

                    A) It needs to have high enough proof to keep raw milk and raw eggs safe for an entire year. (And I've actually had it after two full years.) The goal is to create a nice drink and hopefully not to kill anyone (but see (C) for more information on that).

                    B) It's actually not -that- strong. It creates around 56oz of nog, which is 14 or so servings (4 oz over ice is a nice serving size IMO). Each serving contains just over 2oz of spirits -- about a regular pour.

                    C) If you had to spend Christmas with my in-laws, you'd want all the strong drink you could find :-)

                2. Welp, I come from Chanukah folks, so no eggnog in sight.


                  Every year at the holidays, my mom would dig out the recipe for homemade bailey's. Divine.

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                    Eggnog is agnostic in my circle. But I go the easy route: storebought with Makers Mark.

                  2. Raw eggs, cream, milk, sugar, rum and bourbon in a blender.

                    1. Raw eggs, cream, milk, brandy, spiced rum, peach schnapps. Sweetener to taste. Age for 3 months to a year prior to serving.

                        1. Store-bought egg nog, Old Grand Dad (whiskey), and a sprinkle of nutmeg just like my grandmother used to serve it.

                          1. Melted, high quality French vanilla ice cream, Makers.

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                              Thank you, I'm all over this one tonight like a hobo on a ham sandwich!

                            2. 2 cartons of Haagan Dazs vanilla ice cream-melted, freshly grated nutmeg and dark rum. My husband prefers bourbon.

                              1. I had a friend from Puerto Rico and was fortunate enough to get the recipe for her family's holiday beverage. It is a tropical version of eggnog, I suppose. They call it Coquito.

                                1 cup white granulated sugar
                                3 egg yolks
                                1 can evaporated milk
                                1 small box (snack size) raisins
                                1 cinnamon stick
                                1 can coconut cream
                                1 bottle Puerto Rican rum
                                Beat egg yolks & sugar together very well.
                                Add everything else, mix and chill.

                                Naturally salmonella is a concern, so I purchase fresh eggs out of the refrigerator case & inspect them for cracks. I wash the eggs I will be using before breaking them and I store this drink in the refrigerator. Once when I made this beverage I heated it (prior to adding the rum), let it cool, then added the rum. It still tasted good.

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                                  "Naturally salmonella is a concern"

                                  No need to worry about that. Some stores sell pasteurized eggs. You can also pasteurize yourself if you have a sous-vide setup. See: http://cooking.stackexchange.com/ques...

                                  Or try aging your eggnog, as I do in the recipe above. The alcohol kills salmonella over time. Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeDhj...

                                2. I like the one from the Joy of Cooking. It's a standard mixture, but you separate the eggs and fold in whipped egg whites. It's not quite the gut bomb some egg nogs are; my mom used to make it (sans booze, sadly) for a sick kid who had no appetite.