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Are there any restaurants in the Bay Area with kid play areas?

We just got back from a trip to Portland and were amazed by the number of restaurants with kid play areas (toys, little chairs, chalkboard, etc.), even at nice eateries and breweries. Those places made dining out with our toddler enjoyable! He played and made new friends while we dined and conversed.

Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Bay with similar qualities (other than McDonald's)?

By the way, we are aware that most people don't want to deal with kids when they eat out, but we can't afford to hire a sitter every time we want to grab a bite. To make the situation less painful for others, we always make sure to arrive at restaurants between 5 and 6pm.

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        True I think they clear the Weeones out round 7

    1. interested to hear the answer to this. a brief web search turns up rigolo cafe:

      and chenery park on tuesday nights:

      have also always meant to check out wine and whiners:

      1. Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael has games and toys in the lounge area.

        1. Two places that I know of are:

          Bumble in Los Altos - Their play area is supervised (pay by hour) where the adults can enjoy quiet meals. I've never been but get a bit of a mixed review by other mothers I know. http://www.bumblelosaltos.com/

          Hachi Ju Hachi in Saratoga - There is a playroom in the back of the restaurant with foam flooring where kids can play with parents' supervisions. I always liked this Japanese restaurant in the past but the last time I went back in Sept.,my chawanmushi was overcooked yet the inside temperature was lukewarm. For $15(!) per each plate of chawanmushi, I was quite disappointed. However, their Battera was as excellent as ever. http://www.hachijuhachi88.com/

          1. Esther's German Bakery in Los Altos.

            1. In El Cerrito (which is near Kensington and the Kensington Circus mentioned upthread) there is Nong Thon.

              It's a Vietnamese restaurant on San Pablo and Central Ave. I personally don't like their pho (too light and plain), but the other dishes are pretty good. It has an area for kids to play and has some toys there. Plus the restaurant is large and can easily accommodate groups if you wanted to eat out with other families or friends. Warning that service can be slow and erratic though, so don't go if you're in a rush.

              And it's right next door to the Cerrito theater where you can go for a movie before or afterward! :)

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              1. Skipolini's in Walnut Creek and Clayton have large play areas.

                1. Once you are a parent - these places are amazing! We need a break sometimes.

                  Not local (at all) but if you ever head down 101 from Santa Barbara to LA (Disneyland!) we always stop at the Padaro Beach Grill. We and our friends kick back with beer and fish tacos or burgers under the sunbrellas while the little ones play in a huge sandpit (toys included) within eyesight of every table and/or lounge chair. Great spot and we never caravan down without breaking at this location. Kids get all the "sick of driving" out of their systems and can have chicken fingers and a milkshake.

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                    We drive down at least once a year so will definitely check that place out next spring.

                  2. Precita Park Cafe in San Francisco has an area like the one you described. The food is very good. Here's the website:


                    1. The Inner Sunset Patxi's has a play area in their heated patio. They have a kids table and little chairs and a chalkboard.

                      1. bump for breweries? or brewpubs? Just something completely opposite of Monk's Kettle.

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                          Social Kitchen in the Inner Sunset is kid friendly. Unfortunately the beer is okay. Magnolia is the Lower Haight is great too if you go off peak hours.

                        2. Denica's in Dublin, not sure about their other 2 locations


                            1. All in SF:
                              Rigolo Cafe (dedicated play area
                              Eagle Pizza (dedicated play area)
                              Paxti's pizza - Inner Sunset
                              Academy of Sciences Cafe (outdoor space)
                              Noriega Pizza
                              Park chalet (outdoor space)
                              SF Zoo (outdoor cafe)