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Dec 18, 2013 02:43 PM

Cabbage rolls - Would love recipe like the ones they serve at the TooJays delis in FL

I am only in FL for a few months each year. While I am there I frequent TooJays delis (there are a few locations) and try many items there but the cabbage rolls are something that we really enjoy. They have just the right amount of each ingredient from the sweet and sour sauce to the yummy filling. Anyone out there familiar with these and a comparable recipe.

i can find many variations on-line but dont know which ones will render such delightful rolls.


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  1. For a minute, I thought I had found the actual recipe in an article from SARASOTA magazine. Unfortunately, the article was only recommending the dish and included a photograph. No recipe provided.

    Below, I've included two links to recipes that looks quite good to me. I'm looking for recipes that use...
    ... lemon juice for the acidity
    ... brown sugar (or honey) for the sweetener
    ... tomatoes (sauce or crushed or diced) but no ketchup
    ... I've had good versions I consider authentic with and without ginger snaps
    ... raisins

    Good luck.