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Dec 18, 2013 01:36 PM

Lamb Dinner

I am taking someone out for their birthday after the new year. They are 70+ and longing for a leg of lamb dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes.

I took her to a Greek restaurant once for this and although she did not express it I believe she was disappointed as they cooked it in a tomato sauce.

Does anyone know of a restaurant downtown or within 50 miles of Boston that offers a nice roasted lamb dinner - even seasonally or weekly if not on their menu consistently

Thank you !

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  1. Check with Tosca in Hingham. The often have lamb but not always roasted.

    1. Thank you foodieX2........ she is a senior and I think she really wants and old-fashioned roasted leg of lamb dinner.

      I will check out Toscas for my own pleasure though :-) thank you

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      1. re: kathleen168

        Call them too, lamb is often a special. Ask to speak to Chris and let them know what are you trying do. They are really wonderful.

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          Tosca's is great but certainly not the homey sunday supper roast, more the delicious chops and shanks. Oh how I love a good lamb shank. Maybe if you get her traditional meal this year, you can talk her into a more elevated shank next year!

        2. Sounds like she wants an old school sunday roast. Take a drive to the Wayside Inn - Sudbury for Sunday lunch. Visit the Griss Mill, Chapel, and Little Red School House - from the car if it's cold. And stop by the Wayside Country Store for a browse.

          I've not had the lamb, but it sounds like what she is craving.

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            1. re: Bellachefa

              +1 wayside inn for sunday lamb dinner

            2. Yes Bellachefa - she is looking for a true old school sunday roast dinner - thanks - keep them coming

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              1. re: kathleen168

                i wonder about Jimmy's Steak House in Arlington. Very popular with older set.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  I frequently meet my brother at Jimmy's when I'm in town. They have rack of lamb on the menu, but I've never seen leg of lamb.

              2. This will be difficult as most places concentrate on chops and kabobs. Roasted leg of lamb, one of my favs, is not real popular.