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Dec 18, 2013 01:13 PM

Ink and reservations, and Picca

I'm visiting LA in January and am interested in dining at ink. How difficult is it to get a reservation - it would be on a Monday? The website specifies 14 days out, but nothing further. I can't imagine it would be intense as a reservation at French Laundry, but you never know. I'm not sure how hot the local hype still is. Also, and thoughts/info on the getting take out from "Ink Sack"?

Any thoughts on Picca?


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  1. You would not have any difficulty reserving two weeks in advance at Ink. Ink Sack is fine. I liked the Jose Andres.

    1. I personally quite like Picca. Would definitely recommend it if you're coming from a spot that doesn't do Peruvian particularly well. It can be loud.

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        Thanks! Looking forward to both meals.

      2. i made a reservation about 5 days before ink and got a 645 for two no problem. was one of the best meals in my life easily. wish i could recommend something but the menu is constantly changing.

        ink.sack is really good too. recommend the spicy tuna and fried chicken sammies.

        1. Picca is very good. Menu is a bit cumbersome and I strongly reccomend asking the server to guide you in ordering. Tell him or her what you like and dont like and how much you feel like eating. Its mostly small plates so not unlike ordering sushi.

          If you like Italian, Sotto right below Picca is outstanding.