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mei garden/kaifeng fu

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There's a new authentic chinese place in Highland Park worth checking out while they're still in business. It used to be Mei Garden, and is now apparently Kaifeng Fu, but the sign has both names on it, so I guess "Mei Garden Kaifeng Fu"?

Anyway, I stopped in to check it out and they're in the early stages of figuring out how to run a restaurant. No pot of tea, the guy just brought me a glass of tea when I asked and didn't know to refill. The menu is a photocopy with a bunch of pretty good looking dishes on it, so I ordered fried tofu and it was good. On the menu was "Zhengzhou Hui Noodles", which sounds intriguing, and made me suspect they're from Henan province.

The second trip I was determined to try those noodles, so I stopped back in to find out the menu was now a different photocopy with no Zhengzhou Hui. There were two chinese guys working there, neither of whom spoke English, and who were sitting down at their lunch. I pointed to their lunch and eventually got them to agree to bring me the same thing. Excellent noodles with beef and green beans, a glass of tea - no pot - a surprise bowl of egg drop soup, all for $5, and it was delicious.

I hope they're around long enough for me to try a bunch of things.

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  1. I drove by here and saw this place as well. Anybody been here lately?

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      It was closed today (noon on a friday). Had a "renovations" sign taped up. I'd like one more shot, as "braised noodles with lamb" turned out to be the same as "zhengzhou hui". Hope it doesn't end up as a Subway.