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Dec 18, 2013 12:27 PM

Challenge: Dinner near Neil Simon Theatre

Here's a challenge. My family is seeing a matinee at the Neil Simon Theatre and I'm in charge of finding a restaurant for an early dinner.

There are six of us, including my vegan sister, my brother who only eats kids meals, my dad who doesn't like fancy places (but does like a good steak, if that helps), my mom who won't go anywhere with entrees over $23, and my husband and me who are huge foodies (and are crying inside about having to compromise on dinner in NYC with all these picky family members). I'd really prefer to avoid chains, even nice ones. Places that take reservations would be best.


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  1. Taboon.

    Dad can eat steak or lamb, plenty of vegan options, and assuming your brother is in fact a kid, they will be accommodating.

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    1. re: downtownchica

      I wish he was a kid the way he eats, sigh, he's 26. Burgers, chicken fingers, plain pasta no sauce, that's about it.

      1. re: sarahinthecity

        I know people like that.

        Landmarc in Columbus Circle isn't exciting, but everyone will be able to eat there. On the more expensive end, there is Quality Meat, which, while a steak house, has the best vegetarian sides of anyone I've been to (though I would give them a call to warn about the vegan).

        Another option, given the lack of common denominator would be to go over to Gotham West Market and each just get what you want.

      2. re: downtownchica

        When I went 2 weeks ago, all entrees at Taboon were $30+, altho you could make a nice meal out of the appetizers.

      3. Mercato? They have spaghetti and meatballs for the picky one, a steak for dad, and a fava bean app and veggies for the vegan- check if the pasta is made with eggs, the mushroom pasta could be an option.
        Prices are reasonable

        1. Don Antonio by Starita should satisfy everyone. They have several vegan options for your sister, regular pizza for your brother, and $23 is exactly the highest price on the menu.

          1. Agree with most of the suggestions. Ive taken kids to Mercato (tho a little out of the way in this case), Taboon (expensive agree), and Don Antonio. Gotham West may actually prove a little too adventurous IMO unless you all go to Roadside.

            I would recommend either Don Antonio or Il Melograno on 10th in this case