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Dec 18, 2013 12:21 PM

Top 5 Cappuccinos 2013

End of the year is just around the corner so will start this list. I pretty much only drink cappuccino so its not fair to make a blanket list for all coffee based drinks.
Here are my top 5
1) Fika & 7 Grams (tied)
3) Rooster Coffee
4) Te Aro
5) R Squared Cafe

Would love to hear other folks top 5

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  1. In no particular order...
    Te aro

    Yum... Luckily I can get their beans and make at home... Otherwise I'd go broke! :)

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    1. re: bunnylicious

      Thanks for sharing. Have lit and Manic on my list now. Which beans do you prefer? most of the places are asking 4X the price of single origin beans which is unacceptable IMO.
      I got Doi Chaang single origin with 3X aeroplan and for 33$ for 4 lbs from costco online delivered!!
      Hard to justify places charging 10$ for half lb.

      1. re: elvisahmed

        I see Doi Chaang Organic, Fair-trade Single Estate Dark Roast Coffee on, 2 x 908g (32 oz), ie 4lbs, for $41.99 but not $33. I take it you got it on sale then?

        1. re: Flexitarian

          Yes they had a promo a couple of weeks ago (with the 3X promo for Aeroplan around the same time)
          This is the specific bean I bought

          1. re: elvisahmed

            Yeah that is what I saw. That price is just slightly more than than what it costs me to buy and roast my own fair trade organic green beans in my home roaster!

            1. re: Flexitarian

              Thanks flexitarian. Unfortunately I don't have an elaborate setup to roast beans and won't care for it either as even though the Breville Barista express I have is decent I doubt it will do justice like a full fledged machine.
              For a tongue in cheek comment these beans are "Beyond fair trade!!!" so are a step above the Fair Trade one's

              1. re: elvisahmed

                Well I guess my point was that no need to bother home roasting if you can get quality beans, and fair trade at that, that cheap.

        2. re: elvisahmed

          i really enjoy steel wheel espresso from pig iron/lit. it's $14/lb. I've also enjoyed Intelligentsia and manic's espresso blend, as well as a number of different one's I've picked up from crema or te aro. I don't think I've ever spent more than $17 on a lb, average about $15, which I suppose is about 50% more than the costco beans you refer to, but not 4 x more... plus I get a very fresh product and support small businesses, which is a plus for me. :)

          1. re: bunnylicious

            Thanks for sharing bunnylicious. I will give these spots a try for beans if I get bored of the CostCo offerings.
            Single origin beans have routinely offered at 22$+/lb at spots I asked (green beanery).
            Sam James was selling the cut coffee beans for 20$/lb (very good btw) that is a more apple to apple comparison.The house blend for espresso at CostCo which is about 5.50/lb. I understand that everyone is willing to pay a premium to get the incremental benefit so as as they say each his own.
            BTW forgot to add an honorable mention to Cafe Noir and Pamenar for the best cappuccino in the city.

            1. re: elvisahmed

              Single origin that I've bought have usually been around $17/lb. but then I wouldn't look at anything over $20 unless it was a sure bet.

              FYI spotted doi chang beans at winners at cloverdale mall yesterday... Didn't buy any as I have a good supply of beans right now but they were 10-13$/lb , roasted nov 27.

      2. Crema is every one in the top 5

        1. Thanks to Indie Coffee passport, I have some new contenders on the list this year.

          - Fika (YES! best cafe find of the year!)
          - Haven
          - Cafe Neon

          Old Fav:
          - Pamenar
          - Ella's Uncle

          Dropped from my top 5 list:
          - Crafted
          - Lit on College

          ps. thanks for the 7 gram rec. will definitely give it a try

          1. Having not toured many spots - I can only offer that I love Sam James Cappuccino.