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Dec 18, 2013 12:12 PM

Hound-worthy and mid-priced in Cincinnati?

Hi 'Nati hounds,
Visiting the in-laws for a week over the holidays, and I need some damn good, hound-worthy eats in a medium price range. We initially had a reservation for Jean-Roberts Table, but given that we are a party of 6 with a single payer, I thought I'd throw a post up here to ask what was new and reasonably priced. I've heard good things about Senate, and we haven't been back to OH for a couple years now so if there's something new and cool I'd appreciate the rec's!

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    Senate and A Tavola are separated by about 30 feet or so, so if you dont like A Tavola, you can walk easily over to Senate.

    1. I'd also recommend Bakersfield OTR on Vine in Over the Rhine.

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        I really like all three that have been mentioned, but I find the atmosphere of Bakersfield to be a bit more casual/bar environment compared to Senate A Tavola. I'd also add Taste of Belgium to this list. They're all super close to one another.

      2. Back from Cincinnati, here's my quick breakdown:

        Senate- literally a 2.5hr wait, that turned into 3hrs. They do not take reservations. By the time we were seated they were out of many menu items (including several we wanted to try). My meal came out so late the entire table had already finished eating, but the restaurant ended up comping it.

        Bakersfield OTR- went here while waiting for a table at Senate. In retrospect probably should've eaten here, but we are from LA and so have plenty tacos to choose from. Great tequila list, great cocktails, and the snacks were good, particularly the queso dip.

        Taste of Belgium- went here for brunch. Loved the breakfast burger- waffle buns, thick bacon, over easy egg, and maple syrup. Couldn't practically eat another thing all day but it was worth it. My SO had a veggie crepe ("would you like bacon with that?") that was ok.

        Metropole- in the very cool 21c Museum hotel, MUCH cooler than I expected a hotel restaurant to be. Mackerel with fennel puree and grapefruit confit was excellent, as was the cotechino sausage and the mussel soup. Interesting wine list.

        The Blind Lemon- hands down my favorite wintertime bar anywhere. Absolutely loved this place in Mt Adams- low ceilings, fire in the fireplace, hot drinks, and decade's worth of the owner's collections adorning the walls. Plus, Hot Buttered Rum.

        Highlands Coffeshop- cool bar/cafe for drinks. Played scrabble and drank Keoki coffees. Nice night.

        Thanks for the ideas, everyone!

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          Metropole should not have been what you'd consider "moderately priced" :-)

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            Actually, went for lunch, which is pretty affordable.

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            Three (3) hour wait? I cannot imagine any restaurant worth that length of wait.

          3. If I had the choice between Jean Roberts and Otto's in Covington there is not doubt I would be headed to Covington. Excellent food and service. Make a reservation. As for the places mentioned in OtR, they are all good, and fun too. Senate has a geat menu. If you go to Senate early (before 6PM) you won't have to wait (or not very long), but that might be a little too early for your group, I don't know.
            I've had some great meals at Virgil's in Bellvue, KY too. I live near Loveland so I am not just plugging KY restaurants.
            Wildflower in Mason is excellent also, but that might be too far north for you. It is also less formal, but excellent food! There are a lot of great places to eat in Cincinnat that are less expensive than what I have mentionded here, but since you mentioned Jean Robert's I've tried to stay with places that are in that range. I wouldn't consider Jean Robert's moderate unless you are from one of the coasts, or Chicago.