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Dec 18, 2013 12:12 PM

Cabo San Lucas/Southern Baja/Todo Santos/La Paz

Going to be in Cabo for the first time in January with my gf. We both like to cook especially fresh seafood of all types. We will be based out of cabo but will have a car and plan to go to Todo Santos and La Paz. Any input on places to buy fresh seafood and good produce? Also, any fun and simple hole in the wall local joints that two old foodies may like? We are not into fancy...

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  1. As of a few years ago, there was a small fish market on the main street in Todos...also a good size produce mkt nearby.

    You can also buy direct from the fisherman when they come in about 1-2 at the "fisherman's beach.

    There is an organic farm stand on the main road.

    I haven't been to TS for a few years but if you do a search you can find plenty of recs I've made over the years.

    There is a woman named Marianna who posts from Baja and is very up on Todos. hopefully she'll see this and post.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks 9lives for remembering me. Right now I am in Thailand :). Don't know much about Cabo but the fish market 9lives remembers is long gone. But there are plenty of places to get good fish and fruit and vegies. The organic produce stand is open M W F from 10:00 - 2:00. - right across from a good fish market that also has a little restaurant. Turn right at the stop light - Militar - straight ahead about 3 blocks - fish market on the corner on the left - produce just down on the right. Best taco stand - turn right at the by pass - oh dear -just remembered the bypass is all mixed up right now. Will write when I get home in a couple of days and see where the roads are now.

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        BTW I keep mentioning affordable because there are several high priced places in town. Certainly well respected - like the legendary cafe santa fe. some folks could not come to town without going there. Bring $$$$

      2. ok back home. The entry to TS is more or less finished. As you enter town there is a green sign over the road "bienvidos" make an immediate right. The first taco stand on left - paraguitos I thimk - first block - great fish and shrimp tacos. A couple of blocks down on the right is Campa Chava - great seafood. Both places close early. In the middle of town Zaguan is reliably good and not over priced. Current favorite for us locals is La Cabana - across from Shut Up Frank - just before the Pemex on the right coming into town. Great sushi and I understand the beef is goo for the carnivores. Really affordable - brinng your own wine - no corkage. Diagonal from Lizaraga (big produce store) is el pastorcito - affordable and yummy. The fish market I mentioned above is on Colegio Militar at the corner of Marquez de Leon. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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