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Dec 18, 2013 12:04 PM

Flushing Main Street (Chinatown) food crawl

I'm organizing a food crawl with some friends around the flushing main street LIRR stop. Where should we eat?

I definitely want to hit up golden mall and white bear but, besides that I don't really know what to hit up. What are the must visit spots for cheap quick food?


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  1. Biang. And any number of more normal restaurants down the street, if it's too cold to eat outdoors under the tracks of the LIRR station. I would get the lamb chop at Fu Run, the cold dishes at Spicy & Tasty, the XLB at XLB, etc. etc.

    1. As a very bold experiment :-), I'd suggest to replace the White Bear Hot wontons with those from the Sichuan stall (成都天府) at the Golden Mall; in my personal experience, they are better; also, once you are there order cold spicy noodles.

      There is no finger food to be had further down Main St, as the Maple Mall is closed, but do not forget steamed buns from 東北餃子王 (aka Best North Dumpling) @Friendship Plaza, on the same block as the Golden Mall: they have half a dozen classic varieties to suit everyone's taste, and the service is so sweet... They have great dumplings too, but those are Northern-style: thick-skinned, etc.

      There is a number of excellent sit-down restaurants on Main St, but will you be hungry enough?