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Dec 18, 2013 11:54 AM

Restaurant near Yoshi's SF for this Saturday

I need a casual option other than the restaurant for this Saturday night. My son and I are going to the 8 pm show and the only res times open are 5:45 and 6 pm. I don't know if we'll make it in time (he's driving up from LA) so I need something that doesn't require a res and we can get into without any challenges. Anything basic would be OK--burgers, Italian, American. Need to keep it fairly low key so we can make the show on time.


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  1. Fat Angel has the right location. They don't take reservations, so you won't get shut out but the wait on a Saturday night might be a problem? Similar story for Woodhouse Fish company.

    Alamo Square Seafood is likely to have openings and is walkably close. I enjoyed my one meal there quite a bit, but I see other reviewers being less kind.

    Troya on Filmore is also in walking range. They have reservations available. Love their food.

    1. Dosa, 1300, and Gussie's all have reservations open all evening and are a block or so from Yoshi's.

      The food at Yoshi's is fine. You can eat during the show if you like.

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        I forgot to ask--how long might the wait be at Gussie's without a reservation?


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          I have no idea. If you don't have a reservation, you might be better off heading up Fillmore past Geary, there are about 15 restaurants per block in that neighborhood so you could just keep going until you find someplace that can set you immediately.

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            Oh boy, tough decision to make. Eat quick near home or head into the city and make it a crapshoot. All will depend on what time we are ready to go.

            Thanks for the answer and advice.

      2. Thanks for the recs. Gussie's looks perfect for what I need. I'll wait to hear from my son if he can make it in time for 6 pm at Yoshi's (we don't like eating during the show--my son is a jazz teacher and a purist when it comes to the music), then I'll make my res.

        Thanks again!

        1. OP here. My son came up a day early and long story short, we ended up at Gussie's with a 6:15 res thru Open Table. When we got there the restaurant was 1/2 empty and one of the servers was seating guests. I told her that I had a res but she didn't even check her computer, just seated us at a table. After a few minutes a waiter came over with 2 glasses of water, then came back a few minutes to take our order. Food first, no beverage order taken? Fine, whatever. Our order came without too much of a wait and it was very tasty. I had the Taste of the South (ordered dark meat-nice to have a choice) and everything was perfect. The chicken wasn't greasy at all and was tender. The candied yams were O.M.G great, and the mac n cheese was very good. I've had collard greens before but I don't recall much of a kick to it, could have been too much mustard or something else for my taste. The cornbread was also very good and I was very satisfied with my meal.

          My son had chicken and waffles and enjoyed it very much.

          Service was lacking--after our food was dropped off, we didn't see our server again until we were done. Beverages had not been not refilled and we could have used another round. We skipped dessert-we were both full so I paid the check and we left. Service issues could have been due to under-staffing--they could have used a host to seat guests, and the restaurant was full when we left.

          Service notwithstanding, I'd go there again if going to Yoshi's and couldn't get in their restaurant. Thanks again for the recs.

          P.S. The Count Basie band was GREAT!