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Dec 18, 2013 11:54 AM

Soup in the Charlotte Area

Since it's getting colder out, I thought I'd do a survey of soups in our area. What's your favorite?

La Unica in Huntersville might have my favorite soup lately. The Sopa de Tortilla is a large bowl (very large!) of flavorful chicken stock with large chunks of chicken, carrots, celery, tomato, rice, avocado and tortilla chips. At lunch, it's a smaller bowl but served with a cheese quesadilla. Ask for the spicy "green" and the "brown" salsas and you can avoid the drab salsas they normally bring out.

I've mentioned it before but you really must try this soup. You'll try it for lunch or dinner and you'll try it for a couple other meals -- it's that big of a bowl.

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  1. I am really digging the Ramen at Nom Nom Burger on Woodlawn. They are running it as a winter special.
    I get the pork broth with the pork belly and it rocks. Plenty of noodles, softly cooked boiled egg,delicious pork belly and the broth has a nice little kick. On a cold day its hard to beat.

    1. I always enjoy the avgolemono at Greek Isles and the pho at Lang Van.

      1. La Unica on South Blvd. does not have this soup on their menu. I would love to try it.

        I know I sound like a broken record, but the pho with brisket and rare steak at Pho Hoa is my favorite soup in Charlotte. The Tom Yum with chicken at Malaya Kitchen is pretty tasty too. Of course it's a salt bomb but there are a ton of fresh vegetables in it too.

        1. Pollo Royal on South Blvd has a delicious chicken soup too!! Common Market Southend usually has two or three soups a day and Papi Queso has tomato soup too!!!!

          1. Tonkatsu Ramen at Futo Buta. Every element of this soup is perfection. The broth, the pork belly, the mushroom, the egg, the noodles.... Totally mind blowing.