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Foods you don't have to chew

My 16-yr old is having all his wisdom teeth removed on Friday. I need ideas for warm, soft, squishy food that I can feed him over the weekend. Unfortunately, he doesn't like soup or applesauce. All I've been able to come up with so far is soft scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes. Any other ideas?

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  1. Macaroni and cheese. Tuna noodle casserole.

      1. Warm chocolate or tapioca pudding
        Sweet Potato or Pumpkin pie--the filling part

        When I had my wisdom teeth out I wanted cold foods, so I had a lot of yogurt and milkshakes.

          1. I just ate a banana... pretty sure I didn't chew at all. :)

            Let the kid indulge in milkshakes. The cool temp plus the soft texture is good. Protein and nutrients can be added with things like a pouch of ovaltine. Beware, they may be told not to use straws for a couple days. Something about the sucking motion.

            Soft noodle dishes. Pudding.

            Honestly, I don't even remember the first 2 days after mine were out. I slept so much.

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              Yeah, that's my recollection, too. I didn't eat much for a few days afterward, so it's likely to be largely a non-issue.

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                i recommend blending a bottle of ensure into a milkshake. doesn't taste like medicine, but packs the nutrient and calorie punch he'll need for a speedy recovery.

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                  And some flaxseed meal for some roughage! Seriously, I put it in my smoothies as it has many benefits, and I don't even notice the texture or flavor.

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                  Definitely no straws - will contribute to dry sockets - very painful!!!

                3. refried beans and guacamole
                  sweet potatoes (I'm thinking like a sweet potato casserole)
                  fruit smoothies/green smoothies

                  1. Does it have to be warm? I swore by hummus, in every possible flavor, when I had mine out. Ate it with a spoon. Same with guacamole and small curd cottage cheese.

                    Cream of Wheat was another good one, lots of flavor options-add vanilla and cinnamon, brown sugar and cinnamon, molasses and honey

                    You can up the protein of hot chocolate by pureeing it with peanut or other nut butters before heating. Almost like a hot protein shake.

                    Poached eggs are good, serve over creamed spinach ala eggs Florentine

                    Is it all soups he dislikes or just broth based? Lots of creamy soup options.

                    1. Anything if you puree it. How about a prime rib shake with an au jus topping.

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                        My dentist actually suggested this to me after some seriously painful dental work (botched root canal repair).

                        He said just stick my normal dinner in a blender. I looked at him like "You crazy."

                        Still have my wisdom teeth, but I recall my boyfriend coming home after having a few of his yanked, spitting blood from the window of his truck. I'd prepped all sorts of soft things for him, made up a comfy bed, laid out the painkillers and ice packs and whatnot, and what was the first thing he did when he walked in the door?

                        Grabbed the leftover homemade pizza from the night before and ate 3 slices cold on the front porch. So... I dunno.

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                          Yeah, I did this when my mother had her jaw wired shut.

                          Just need a main course and some kind of liquid and into the blender:

                          French fries with gravy (yum) add cheese for poutine.

                          Saucy curry chicken with rice.

                          Stuffing and gravy.

                          Turkey and gravy.

                          Cranberry for dessert.

                          Spaghetti and meat sauce with Italian sausage.

                          Ramen soup.

                          Eggs over easy and hash browns (maybe add a bit of chicken broth if eggs not runny enough).

                          Chili dogs (heavy on the chili light on the bun).

                          Irish stew.

                          Baked macaroni with extra tomatoes.

                          etc. etc etc.

                          More ideas here
                          and here

                      2. When I had mine removed, I wasn't allowed anything too "warm" because it can dissolve the blood clots forming in the "holes" (part of the healing process). Also, avoid anything that involves sucking because that can dislodge the clots. A milkshake is great, but eat it with a spoon. I also wasn't allowed anything that could get into the holes (even breads or things like that) for the first couple of days. I was allowed to introduce them after a few days. I was forbidden anything that wouldn't dissolve, though (raw veggies, nuts, ...) for about a month.

                        As far as what I did eat...pudding, ice cream, yogurt, lukewarm oatmeal, ice cream, lukewarm Cream of Wheat, ice cream, mac and cheese, small pasta without any meat, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and did I mention ice cream??? :-)

                        Good luck!

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                          Your ice cream comments are exactly what I noted on the thread I linked below. I said:

                          "Start with yogurt, applesauce, plain ice cream, pudding, mashed potatoes (this is where you add lots of butter and sour cream for extra rich flavor!), fruit smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, tepid broth, jello, cooked noodles, scrambled eggs....and oh, did I mention ICE CREAM! <g>"


                          1. The thread to end all threads about wisdom teeth removal and what can/cannot be eaten. It's been going on almost 6 years. :-)


                            And another thread:


                            1. My son was told "no straws" because the suction wasn't good for the healing. He started with soft ice cream, lots of shakes and malteds, egg creams, every variation of milk shake lol, puddings, homemade smoothies, after a couple days, worked his way up to quiche. My guess is that cold might be more soothing to a sore mouth than warm.

                              1. Polenta with tomato sauce and cheese, hummus, congee

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                                    Skip the rice, it gets stuck places you don't want it stuck.

                                1. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out at 20 years old. I had bought a couple of cans of Bean & Bacon soup ahead of time, thinking that would be perfect.
                                  The beans were too hard for my sore mouth! Who woulda thunk it?

                                  1. I just had 1 wisdom tooth and the shattered molar next to it pulled out a few months ago. My doctor was pretty easy going about it - nothing too hot for about 24-48 hours so you don't dissolve the clot. No straws for at least 3-4 days, week preferred. After that he told me my mouth would tell me what I could and could not eat and who was he to argue. He suggested very sour foods (acidic) or spicy foods might not be to my taste with open wounds but after that.

                                    First few days I ate a lot of pudding, custard, soup, ice cream, smoothies etc. Then it was on to rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, eggs, pancakes, grits, peanut butter, bananas, and anything else really. Although I milked the "my mouth is sore" for about 3 weeks to keep getting deliveries by relatives of really lovely amish baked custard.

                                    I also ate a fair amount of Chinese food, particularly noodle and rice dishes where all of the veggies were cooked and the meats were sliced or diced small so I could just sorta chew once on the other side and swallow. Pad Thai, Chow Fun, that sort of stuff. The Fake crab they sell was nice also, on soft bread as a salad, and egg salad also. You start to crave protein after awhile. After about a week or two I was doing medium rare hamburger steak and stuff as well.

                                    1. Tapioca pudding isn't warm but it's nutritious, all full of eggs and milk, and just about everyone likes it. I use the Fluffy Tapioca recipe on the box but double it and increase the eggs from two to three. Why does it have to be warm? I am thinking, any pudding he likes, from a box, or baked custard, cheese quiche with no solids and no crust, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream. Hot chocolate.

                                      One thing you can do to get a lot of protein into a non-chew food is Shrimp Bisque---you can add a lot of pureed shrimp to a cream-sauce base; flavor as you like.

                                      1. When I had my wisdom teeth out the painkillers made me terribly ill. The only thing I could keep down was jello.

                                        But, in addition to the other ideas, risotto might be a good idea.

                                        1. Pick up a four-pack or six-pack of Ensure or other nutrient rich shake just as back up if nothing seems good to eat, especially at first might not have an appetite. They really can replace the nutrients of a meal if need be.
                                          Oatmeal sounds good, soups, puddings as all have been said.
                                          But DO eat something before taking pain medication on an empty stomach.

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                                            Another supplement option, although made for kids, is PediaSure--comes in more flavors than Ensure, and adult patients I worked with liked it more.

                                          2. After dental procedures they advise cold foods for the first day or so.

                                            In the blender blitz chunks of frozen banana, a glob of peanut butter, splash of milk for a thick smoothie- eat with a spoon, he can't use straws for a while.

                                            Any sorbets or ice cream without chunks or mix ins.
                                            Polenta, orzo, creamed spinach, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, yogurt, blended soups, rice pudding....
                                            Within a few days he will be able to have soft bread, pastas, cooked squash and softer cooked veggies.

                                            1. Anything but rice and peas.

                                              I remember getting those "soft" items stuck in places they shouldn't have been. Thankfully I didn't get an infection.

                                              Best holiday "diet" plan, have wisdom teeth removed on Dec 23rd. Only time I've lost weight over that festive season.

                                              1. Remind him not to be in a hurry to eat tortilla chips after he's back on regular food. They can be very uncomfortable if they land in that tender socket the wrong way!
                                                (voice of experience)

                                                  1. Well my son had a sudden trip the oral surgeon today and had two teeth extracted this afternoon. Same rules as wisdom teeth-no straws, soft foods etc. well he just ate 6 steamed Peking ravioli!! Go figure. Now he's demolishing a bowl of icecream.

                                                    1. The blender is your friend. I ate lots of pudding, icecream, milkshakes, and I made weetabix into a mushy breakfast (but after two weeks of healing from the infection and another two weeks healing from the three extractions I could never bring myself to eat weetabix again!) The first hot meal I had was mashed potatoes and gravy from Boston Market and I've never tasted anything so good.

                                                      1. Had an upper incisor removed last year and had a time lag before I could take a painkiller. I thought my eye was going to fall out it hurt so much, wimp that I am. My husband made me pancakes with butter and maple syrup for supper. Comfort food....little chewing.