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Dec 18, 2013 11:06 AM

Specific Cantonese/Chinese/Malaysian Request near Milpitas/San Jose Border

I'm looking for a place to take my 90 year old Chinese grandmother to early dinner on the 24th. She lives near 680 and Hostetter so I'm looking for something close by, near Barbar Lane, Hostetter, etc.

We like Cooking Papa in Foster City when we eat on the Peninsula or Saigon Seafood Harbor in Richmond.

We used to go to Mayflower, ABC, etc back in the day but it seems like they've faded some. Any recommendations for other Cantonese or Chinese places? We are trying to stay away from Sichuan and Hunan b/c our last few meals have been Sichuan.

We need a place that can accommodate a walker and isn't freezing inside, otherwise it doesn't need to be fancy. We also need to be able to order some soft dishes (braised tofu, fish, etc).

I'm considering some of the Malaysian places around there too. She's not into Thai or Korean and already eats a lot of pho so we are trying to stick with Cantonese or Malaysian but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks so much for any recommendations.

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  1. I've not been there, but you might look at Liou's House in Milpitas for Taiwanese banquets. Not much said about it recently.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      That was one place I looked at on yelp. I also heard that Twins Royal has changed ownership and may be better now.

      It would be a gamble though.

        1. re: Candice

          Haven't been there either and I tend to forget about it because I get it mixed up with Rose Garden in Union City/Fremont that deserves to be forgotten. Will be interested in your take on either.

          Where have you been taking grandmama for Sichuan?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            We had a good meal at Yi Yuan Szechuan in Millbrae a while back. Before that, I had a few other back to back Sichuan meals without my grandma including one that was "fine" at Chilli House in SF.

            It seems like there's been more Sichuan popping up on the Peninsula these days than solid Cantonese. I love Cooking Papa in Foster City and give it the edge over Koi Palace but it can be hard to get into without a res and they only take reservations for 8 or more.

            I'm also always looking for good Chinese places on the Peninsula for when we bring my grandma down that way (I live in SF).

      1. Some friends of mine love Mango Garden in San Jose (Malaysian), though it is outside your geographical boundary.

        King Wah in Milpitas might be a safer choice for Cantonese (compared to ABC, Mayflower).

        There's also Layang Layang and Banana Leaf in Milpitas, which might be passable/acceptable.

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        1. re: K K

          I was looking into King Wah and Layang Layang. Part of that is interest on my part b/c I was in Penang this time last year and loved the food.

          I've heard Banana Leaf has gone down hill.

          1. re: Candice

            I'm not a huge fan of the Milpitas dining scene, but more often than not, we dine there pretty frequently for convenience. Between ABC, Mayflower and King Wah, King Wah is the relative best of the three. I posted pretty extensively about it here:


            Layang Layang is decent (I go to the Cupertino/Saratoga location but have been a few times to the Milpitas one) but may not be too comfortable for your grandmother. Banana Leaf was rather bad last time I went. Here's my report on that with photos.


            If you're willing to travel to Fremont (Auto Mall Parkway), your best bet of all would be the Fremont branch of Asian Pearl in the Pacific Commons plaza. The food's a step up from King Wah, and the place is comfortable.

        2. Not Cantonese and not fancy, but Nutrition House in Milpitas might be worth a look if you want to venture to the northern end of Chinese cuisine. Pretty sure they have some soft items and they have large tables as well.

          1. We ended up going to Liou's House in Milpitas. I called around noon that day and they said they were full for the night already but could fit us in at 430 or 5, which is when we were planning on eating regardless.

            When we arrived, they asked if we had a reservation and then remembered me from the phone. They gave us a table in near the door but tucked around the corner where my grandma could stow her walker and be out of the draft from the door.

            We ordered seafood blossom soup, pork belly with sticky rice in bamboo (one of their specialty dishes but is on the regular menu), steamed whole rock cod, pea shoots, beef chow fun (request of the pre-teen diner with our group), and mixed seafood over steamed tofu, and steamed rice. They brought us a complimentary small dish of pickles to start.

            Everything was freshly prepared and very homey (not in a bad way). The pea shoots and fish were particularly good. Even more important, was that it fit the bill for being close by and comfortable. All of the staff were really nice to us and the dining room filled up soon after we ordered. They were also filling a number of large party trays for pick up orders.

            They gave us some kind of warm dessert on the house too but I'm not a fan of this type of dish. This one seemed like very thin bean curd skin in a sweet thickened broth.