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Dec 18, 2013 11:00 AM

Lamb meatballs with barberries & herbs

I'm making this recipe from Jerusalem for Shabbat dinner, which originally calls for yogurt. Skipping the yogurt. It's lamb meatballs with onion, shallot, figs, barberries, chicken stock and white wine.

As I'm relatively new to cooking with wine I have no idea what to use. I've got Chenin blanc. Is that ok? I figure probably what should I be looking for?

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    1. re: susiejane

      I haven't looked yet, but I believe some of the stores on kings hwy in Brooklyn have them. If I can't find them I'm using dried cherries (already have them)

    2. BTW There is a pareve coconut based yogurt that is quite good.

      1. Probably any dry white will do.

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        1. re: AdinaA

          Yes, chenin blanc would be fine.

        2. Tofutti's parve sour cream may work instead of yogurt.

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          1. re: ferret

            Actually, while I haven't read the recipe. But barberries and yougurt sounds like the recipe was going for a mildly sour taste. This is often true of eastern Mediterranean savory dishes. It's why tamarind is added (you can get tamarind paste with a heshscher). Similarly, the old-fashioned dried cherries of the region are sour. American dried cherries are almost invariably sweet, often sweetened. It is hard to imitate dishes one has never tasted, but the OP may want to think how to get a little tang into these meatballs.

            1. re: AdinaA

              I agree with Adina. Lemon juice could be added perhaps?

              1. re: AdinaA

                They're unsweetened dried cherries. I've used them before in savory dishes and they have a nice tart flavor.

                I've got plenty of tamarind. If the sauce is too sweet, I'll add some. I was planning on adding a splash of lemon too.

              2. re: ferret

                The yogurt is a garnish. I'm going to skip it. We don't like the parve sour cream and I've only been able to find DE soy/coconut yogurt

              3. Sounds like a very intriguing recipe. Would you let us know how it turns out, and then maybe share the recipe?

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                1. re: helou

                  It's from the Jerusalem cookbook, but if you don't mind metric measurements, try here: http://seasonalcookinturkey.blogspot....

                  1. re: helou

                    Yep, it's from Jerusalem. It's cooking now and it smells delicious. I will definitely let you know how it turned out.
                    (I can tell you it's definitely not as pretty as the picture in the book)

                    1. re: helou

                      The recipe turned out delicious. We had no leftovers!
                      Meatballs were juicy & flavorful, not at all greasy. The shallots (left whole) took on the flavor of the sauce. Ottolenghi says that the flavor of the figs is important, but the texture becomes different. Husband loved the figs, I didn't care for the soggy texture.

                      Toddler approved, too!