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Help needed - delivery to LMA on Christmas Day?

I've got a puzzler and so far I am striking out. My program director wants to order food to be delivered to Brigham and Women's Hospital, for the folks in our department who will have to be working on Christmas.

His first thought had been Thai, and I've called several Thai restaurants that would normally deliver to this area, but all are closed on Christmas. (The ones I've already tried are Thaitation, Brown Sugar, and Bamboo.)

Unfortunately, while there's an idea that Chinese and other ethnic restaurants are all open on Christmas Day, my own experience is that most of the neighborhood restaurants are closed - not least because so many of them are in college neighborhoods that are dead over the holiday break.

Any suggestions, fellow Chowhounds? Many thanks!

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  1. There was a thread a couple years back that might give you a starting point - a bit different since the family was looking for takeout. But, may give you some ideas of who to call:


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      Hmm...Indian might be an idea, although most of the other places suggested aren't really suitable. And we really need something that can be ordered in advance and delivered - none of the people involved in planning this are going to be at the hospital at the time.

      Matt H: per your post below - Foodler does seem to be the best bet for arranging payment and so on, but I fear that may involve getting the program director to set up a new Foodler account just for this, which might be a challenge.

    2. Have you called Rami's? I know they will deliver to the Brigham via foodler. Also Gari Sushi may be another option.

      1. Hi Allstonian -

        I think I've eaten at Shanghai Gate on Xmas day - I don't know if they'll deliver...

        1. if i understood her correctly, last week the Fuloon owner said they would be open. you should be able to have a taxi deliver. and i wonder about Azama Grill,just a hunch...

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            I love Fuloon, but delivery from Malden to Mission Hill? I don't think so. Among other issues, the chances of food arriving hot are pretty slim.

            fredid - you may have eaten at Shanghai Gate on Christmas at some time in the past, but they were definitely closed for the holiday last year. In fact, they were one of the places that I was thinking of when I said above that Chinese restaurants in the neighborhoods don't adhere to the "tradition" of being open for Christmas.

            I'll check out Azama and some of the other middle eastern places, although I think many of them close on Christmas as well. I thought about Sichuan Garden, but I think their menu is a bit challenging for the crowd we're trying to feed.

            It's looking increasingly like Golden Temple may be our best bet, which fills me with dismay but will probably go over just fine.

          2. I'm sorry I don't have a better suggestion, but how about Golden Temple? Not Thai per se, but they have a decent Pad Thai and other options, and I think they're open on Christmas. Not Brown Sugar, but a possibility?

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              Heh - see my post above. That's exactly where we seem to be headed.

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                in spite of the very high prices, here are some items at Golden Temple that are surprisingly good: golden temples special spareribs, among the best I've had, udon noodles in all forms, lobster sauce.

            2. How about JoJo Taipei? I'm wondering if the food court in the 88 will be open. And, then maybe having someone pick it up via cab?

              Also, isn't their a Shabu Zen in Allston? Do they have menu items other then hot pot? I haven't been to Shabu Zen (in C-town) since Q opened in Arlington so my memory of their menu is hazy. Q does have a separate non-hot pot menu which is why I mentioned Shabu Zen.

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                Shabu-Zen is open (hmm - good to know!) but they don't have anything but hot pot except for a few appetizers and some sashimi offerings.

                I'm pretty sure that JoJo Taipei is closed - they have been in recent years - and the food court isn't really suitable, even if some of the stalls are open (and I'm not sure they will be.) I live in that neighborhood - you'd be surprised how dead things are while all the students are out of town. Most of the restaurants seem to be of the (correct) opinion that it's not worth the cost of operating to be open on Christmas.

                To reiterate: We need food that can be ordered ***and paid for*** in advance and reliably delivered to the hospital. Logistically I can't see how taxi delivery would be an option, not least because none of the people involved in planning this are going to be at the hospital at the time. Sorry to keep shooting down well-intended suggestions, but I've been puzzling over this for a couple of weeks now with surprisingly little success.

                1. I know how well you know the area, as I often rely on your recommendations, so I doubt I'll come up with something you missed, but I'm wondering about Bon Chon, the new Indian place that replaced Cognac Bistro, or, in a pinch, the kosher Chinese place on Harvard (have no idea what's edible there but figure it will be open). Also wondered about Khao Sarn or Lemon Grass (I know Dok Bua is closed) or maybe Chili Duck in the Back Bay. Fireplace serves on Christmas and it caters so maybe you could arrange something there but it won't be cheap. My final thought pondering your puzzler is Bazaar which also catered on Thanksgiving, but I don't think they deliver. You might be able to arrange something with them that's prepaid and set up a Red Cab pick up and delivery. Finally, Dragon Star which is edible and cheaper American Chinese (no, not stellar, just recognizably edible) on Washington off Beacon is probably open and does deliver. Good luck!!

                  1. I can't speak to the restaurants that might be open on Christmas, but delivery could be arranged via taskrabbit.com. you simply post the task, and folks bid on how much they would charge to do it. You pay, in advance, and someone does the task.

                    In our city, there is going to be someone who is available. Maybe they are Jewish, or maybe they are Muslim, or not going home for the holidays, or just plain needs the money to pay for Spring semester.

                    Just a thought.