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Christmas Day Dinner close to Lakeland (not in Tampa)

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Hi - I'll be visiting my 99 year old great-grandmother Christmas day. She's healthy enough to leave the home she's in, but not up for the long drive to Tampa. I'm struggling to find any restaurants open on Christmas day that aren't in Tampa... We don't need to stay in Lakeland, but I'd like to keep the travel time to under 30 min each way, and it's about an hour from her home to Tampa. I don't know the area well, so not sure what other nearby cities to look in? OpenTable isn't a help, as most restaurants they list are Tapma, St Pete or Bradenton. And my last reort - hotel dining - is foiled as well. There don't seem to be any hotels in Lakeland that have restaurants in them - they're all Express/Inn/Suite style hotels... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I would check the Terrace Hotel in downtown Lakeland to see if their restaurant is open...

    1. Check with Eaglebrooke Country Club