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Dec 18, 2013 10:01 AM

Best Dessert In the City / neighboring towns

I saw this post from back in 2009 but wanted to revamp it with a new list let me know what your favorite dessert in the city is.

I would throw in the Zeppole from Sorrelina which are light and refreshing.

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  1. Hi

    In Boston my two favorite places for dessert are Asana at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

    At Asana: Quintuple Chocolate Cheesecake & their version of Strawberry Shortcake.

    At the Bristol Lounge: A dessert called "Let's Split It" which is a multilayer chocolate cake that can be easily split by four people.

    In third place I would put the Butterscotch Bread Pudding at Eastern Standard Kitchen

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      I agree with both 2 and 3. I haven't tried Asana yet so I don't know, but it sounds good. Here is a picture of Let's Split It. The picture does not do justice to the size.



      1. re: hungrytommy

        tommy, the second, up-close photo looks so much like Rendezvous's Lemon Pudding Cake; is that what it is?
        **Edit:never mind- i see you also put it in a post below.

      2. re: RoyRon

        Most everything the Bristol does is very good. I never order dessert out unless I am positive it's made on site.

      3. Not really a fan of the place otherwise, but the homemade tiramisu from Pescatore in Somerville is memorable and amazing.

        Similarly, I don't really like to eat there, but the Limoncello Cake from The Cheesecake Factory is a takeout winner - always a crowd pleaser.

        Another contender for me is the White Hot Chocolate at Burdick's

        Finally nod goes to the "Napoleon Cake" sold by the lb at International Bazaar (Allston) - the homemade, "not sweet" one

            1. re: DrMag

              Gotta try that - do you know if there's a connection to the one served at the late Great Bay - that was an all-time favorite for me and I miss it.

              1. re: rlh

                There is a connection. I believe both owners are brothers.

            2. Panna cotta at Erbaluce
              Chocolate bread pudding at Foundry on Elm
              Strawberry shortcake and the apple tarte tatin at ESK
              Gateau aux pommes at Gaslight

              If I'm anywhere near Toscanini's, I'll forgo a restaurant dessert and go there for coffee ice cream with hot fudge.

              Same goes for the North End and cannoli at Mike's.

              1. This is maybe cheating but heck, the burbs around us have so few great foods, i had to mention this.

                Natillas de Almendres at the new Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar in Woburn Ctr.- I would drive through a snowstorm for this dessert! Jimminy. And the kicker is- the chef invented it. He said I won't find it anywhere. And when he explained the process, it was way more complex than i would have thought. All made on the stove, not baked. Anyway, it is made with cream, almonds, sugar, eggs, cinnamon , and it has the consistency of a pureed rice pudding. OMG. I had to have two tonight. Como No?!