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Best Dessert In the City / neighboring towns

I saw this post from back in 2009 but wanted to revamp it with a new list let me know what your favorite dessert in the city is.

I would throw in the Zeppole from Sorrelina which are light and refreshing.

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  1. Hi

    In Boston my two favorite places for dessert are Asana at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

    At Asana: Quintuple Chocolate Cheesecake & their version of Strawberry Shortcake.

    At the Bristol Lounge: A dessert called "Let's Split It" which is a multilayer chocolate cake that can be easily split by four people.

    In third place I would put the Butterscotch Bread Pudding at Eastern Standard Kitchen

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      I agree with both 2 and 3. I haven't tried Asana yet so I don't know, but it sounds good. Here is a picture of Let's Split It. The picture does not do justice to the size.



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        tommy, the second, up-close photo looks so much like Rendezvous's Lemon Pudding Cake; is that what it is?
        **Edit:never mind- i see you also put it in a post below.

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        Most everything the Bristol does is very good. I never order dessert out unless I am positive it's made on site.

      3. Not really a fan of the place otherwise, but the homemade tiramisu from Pescatore in Somerville is memorable and amazing.

        Similarly, I don't really like to eat there, but the Limoncello Cake from The Cheesecake Factory is a takeout winner - always a crowd pleaser.

        Another contender for me is the White Hot Chocolate at Burdick's

        Finally nod goes to the "Napoleon Cake" sold by the lb at International Bazaar (Allston) - the homemade, "not sweet" one

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              Gotta try that - do you know if there's a connection to the one served at the late Great Bay - that was an all-time favorite for me and I miss it.

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                There is a connection. I believe both owners are brothers.

            2. Panna cotta at Erbaluce
              Chocolate bread pudding at Foundry on Elm
              Strawberry shortcake and the apple tarte tatin at ESK
              Gateau aux pommes at Gaslight

              If I'm anywhere near Toscanini's, I'll forgo a restaurant dessert and go there for coffee ice cream with hot fudge.

              Same goes for the North End and cannoli at Mike's.

              1. This is maybe cheating but heck, the burbs around us have so few great foods, i had to mention this.

                Natillas de Almendres at the new Pintxo Pincho Tapas Bar in Woburn Ctr.- I would drive through a snowstorm for this dessert! Jimminy. And the kicker is- the chef invented it. He said I won't find it anywhere. And when he explained the process, it was way more complex than i would have thought. All made on the stove, not baked. Anyway, it is made with cream, almonds, sugar, eggs, cinnamon , and it has the consistency of a pureed rice pudding. OMG. I had to have two tonight. Como No?!

                1. I'd say the osmalia at Garlic 'n Lemons.

                  1. Love the Giant Profiterole at Petit Robert South End. It is large enough to share, and they seem to hit a great temperature, density and flavor note with the chocolate sauce.

                    Photo here

                    But, my favorite dessert in Boston is the Boston Cream Pie from Flour Bakery. We order that for every occasion.


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                      I can't stop looking at the photo of that profiterole.

                      1. re: pollystyrene

                        Me neither..
                        That is a thing of beauty!

                        Wish someone in San Diego would crank something like that out...along with a classic Boston Cream pie..

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          It's an easy plane ride to get here. You could have fun with all your cravings.

                          1. re: treb

                            It will be around 80 degrees and I'm swimming and watching Chargers playoff game.
                            ; )

                            I am craving that profiterole right about now!

                    2. Butterscotch bread pudding at Eastern Standard.

                      1. Lemon pudding cake from Rendezvous. Light and moist with a good lemon flavor. No matter how full I am I always have room for it. Also appreciate that it is a good sized portion. Large enough to share, but not too much for one person to handle.

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                        1. re: viperlush

                          My choice also! Man is that thing good.

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                            YES! and there must be hundreds of us because i think Steve has had it on the menu since he opened.

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                              lush, don't know if you bake, but reading through this recipe, which i will try soon, it strikes me that it may be very similar to steve's dessert. Interestingly enough, it's also from VA, as is Steve i believe.


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                                That isn't it since it uses milk, not buttermilk. I have tried three recipes to recreate this dessert at home. All of them have been very similar to the Food52 one. But buttermilk is the key. None of the ones I have tried have been "it."

                                But I am willing and ready to take one for the team and give this a try, subbing the milk.

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                                  I also looked for the recipe a while ago and came across this one. I haven't tried it yet because the lime juice throws me a bit, but it sounds good.


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                                    Hmmm... it is Meyer Lemon season. I bet making it with meyer lemon juice, in place of the lime juice would be a great start.

                                    1. re: smtucker

                                      Great idea. I may just have to try this some time in the next couple of weeks while vacation time is here...

                                    2. re: bear

                                      bear, now i am really psyched. Thx so much for the link!

                                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                                        This Lemon Delicious Pudding recipe from Adam Ried in this Sunday's Globe Magazine section sounds pretty close, too.

                                        I've had really good success with Adam's recipes in the past.


                                2. re: viperlush

                                  Here's a picture of the lemon pudding cake. It is so good!


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                                    I have the recipe from the old Federalist, for a lemon sponge pudding, really great. I always have room for this dessert.

                                  2. Currently, the zeppole at Cinquecento (must check out Sorrelina version). But most of all, the lemon custard soufflé at Hammersley's which is sadly off the menu.

                                    1. I'm embarassed to admit it, but the apple crostada at Maggiano's is shockingly good.

                                      1. Peanut butter ice cream pie at Bay Pointe in Quincy. Chocolate crust, gooey hot fudge, creamy peanut butter ice cream topped with whipped cream.

                                        1. The ice cream puff with hot fudge sauce at the Continental in Saugus. Love the butterscotch bread pudding at Eastern Standard too.

                                          1. Haven't had it for a while, but my favorite chocolate dessert was always the 7 layer chocolate cake at Abe & Louis'. Just a pretty straight forward chocolate cake, but boy is it good. A slice enough for at least 3 people. Might need to get one soon.

                                            1. Single origin dark hot chocolate at Burdick's with a slice of that walnut torte thing that's nuts barely held together with some honey. Unbeatable combination.

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                                                I went to Burdick's for the chocolate, but wound up loving the fruit pates.

                                              2. Lumiere is a little old hat but their Valrhona Manjari Chocolate Soufflé Cake is special. I am not a chocolate lover normally and I also usually scorn chocolate souffle cakes or molten chocolate cakes because they are so ridiculously easy to make that I consider them cheating for a restaurant to serve them, but this one is out of this world. They add a bit of salt and it's not too sweet and the texture is like velvet. It might be the only chocolate dessert I will eat.

                                                Also the coconut cream pie at Myers + Chang is worth trying. I have had it when it is the best thing I ever ate and other times when it plods (can pie plod?) but on the "on" nights it really makes me happy.

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                                                  yes, i think you got yourself a good metaphor there:-)

                                                2. The chocolate cake with salted caramel base at Harvest in Harvard Square.

                                                  1. Whatever the dessert special is at Les Zygomates. Olive oil ice cream in chocolate magic shell at Ribelle. Beignets when accompanied by milk jam at Sycamore.

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                                                      I wish I could like the deserts at Ribelle (I like the food enormously). Thus far, none of them are particularly attractive to me and I actually don't like the olive oil ice cream.

                                                      1. re: teezeetoo

                                                        I'll admit that Ribelle's olive oil ice cream has been of varying quality the three times I've ordered it. The first time was the best.

                                                      1. I love the warm toffee pudding at 62 on the Wharf in Salem

                                                        1. Second the butterscotch bread pudding at eastern standard- but you gotta like your pudding w consistent texture, no dry-wet contrast here, all melty. great SE article on how they make it: http://bit.ly/1dh9zC2

                                                          The molten chocolate cake at Bogie's Place- the cake itself is just a good rendition of the genre (a guilty pleasure of mine), but sea-salt orange zest ice cream, and a bit of crunch from mashed up chessmen, turn it into one of the only desserts i have trouble sharing.

                                                          Custard at shake shack- no really, shake shack's frozen custard has some of the best texture of any ice cream i've had. over the summer they had an amazing sweet corn/blueberry flavor. can't tell you what's good in january (daily flavors are online), but if you find yourself in the crowd going to hsq to try your first (or second, etc.) burger there, do *not* pass on the custard. everyone can complain the burger isn't as good as tasty burger, or whatever, but that custard is great.

                                                          1. Rarely do I order dessert, so my samplings are limited. But I really do love the chocolate goat cheese-cheesecake at Za. Tangy, creamy, not too sweet.

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                                                              hmmm, so glad you mentioned this. i'll get some takeout soon. Arlington location or Kendall? thx much.

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                                                                Gotta tell you, chevre, this was maybe the nicest cheesecake i have ever had. what made it so special is that it was not the usual dense/heavy profile. Creamy, certainly, but relatively light and silky mouth feel, and not too sweet, but true dark chocolate flavor. We took home a piece of this tonight after a meal at Evoo, and my stomach doesn't feel like i ate cheesecake; it feels like i ate a mousse. Thx so much for posting about it.

                                                              2. The profiteroles at Brasserie Jo. The chocolate sauce they pour over the top is so yummy, and they keep pouring it until you say when.

                                                                I agree with the warm chocolate cake at Lumiere too.

                                                                And I miss the butterscotch pudding from Great Bay. I may have to go to Lineage to try theirs and see how it compares.

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                                                                1. re: ChinaCat

                                                                  i bet you'll enjoy Lineage. Their early bird oyster deal is great because they're always Island Creeks , not ones of lesser quality (i think). Also, their Parker House rolls, baked in-house, are quite the indulgence!

                                                                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                    They use Island CReek oysters at Lineage, and those rolls, almost pretzel like, are divine.

                                                                2. French Banana Bread Extravaganza @ Cuchi Cuchi tops my list

                                                                  1. Lemon ginger mousse coup at Myers and Chang is a perfect balance of flavors. Also I'd count the biscuit at Island Creek as a dessert.

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                                                                    1. re: croutonweb

                                                                      yes! I've been raving that honey glazed biscuit for awhile now!

                                                                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                                                                        I've been making those biscuits at home ever since Jeremy shared the recipe last year with Saveur.