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Dec 18, 2013 09:23 AM

The Wallace in Culver City

New restaurant on Main Street serves creative, eclectic and tasty dishes. Tried last night. A handsome space, beautiful bar. Small plates. I enjoyed the food more than my wife. Any food critics want to weigh in?

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  1. Why didn't you enjoy your wife? JK. Will check it out. Thx for the tip.

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    1. re: techbod

      I see comedy central is here. Worth a visit techbod. The bar looked very inviting. If you like Bucato, you'd probably like The Wallace. Same philosophy.

      1. re: Baron

        HA! I was going to ask the same question! :-)

    2. What did you have - see menu here and what was the pricing/portion sizing like?

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        Had 1/2 doz oysters @$18 - pricey but very good
        braised white beans ($8) on grilled bread - delicious,went well with the glass of Chardonnay ($13)
        Lemon fish crudo - fresh, excellent but small portion($14); little gem lettuce salad $11), very good - nice portion, flat bread with assorted toppings($8) good. short rib ravioli ($13)- (took most of it home).
        honey-ginger soda($3) came to $100 before tip. Very creative and unique preparations. Small plates seem to be the craze.

      2. Thanks for posting about this new place! I'm planning to check it out this weekend. Question - how's the noise level? My friend is looking for somewhere a bit quieter so we don't have to shout. We keep going to places life Bestia and Red Medicine where the volume borders on unpleasant. Thanks for any info you can provide!

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          Dont get me started about noise levels. And loud awful music! I try to get to these places early, hoping to avoid the noise. The Wallace was not busy but there was "non-dinner music" blasting. I always asked to be seated in a quite spot and I dont hesitate to ask the manager to "turn it down." Give Wallace a try. the gem lettuce salad, the Lemon fish crudo and the braised white beans on grilled bread were my favorites. The short rib ravioli was disappointing. Lots of good wines and mixed drinks. Very good service.

          1. re: Baron

            Thanks for your reply! We have reservations for Friday. I'll let you know how it goes!

        2. and now they're doing brunch.

          1. No prices on the website menu. So stupid. Makes me fear they are higher than they probably are.

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            1. re: nosh

              Most plates are in the low to mid-teens. Items are generally good--delicious chicken liver mousse with five spice, tasty hoisin duck with stir-fried noodles, nice charred lamb, decent (smallish plate) of fried chicken with a bacon corn muffin, kind of liked the chickpea and shrimp pancake though it missed the mark in some respects. Only one I felt was a dud was the highly touted short rib ravioli. It is not in the same league as Waterloo & City but is worth a visit.