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Dec 18, 2013 09:00 AM

Wisconsin I-94 stop?

Have some ideas for a lunch stop between Wisconsin Dells and Eau Claire? Not too far off interstate, either regional "ethnic" or burgers. Thx.

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  1. Here's a newer place right off the four-lane in Black River Falls. We've enjoyed everything we've had so far.

    And then, just a few miles down that road (Hwy 54) is a Ho-Chuck casino, with a surprisingly good lunch counter. We like their cheeseburger, nice and greasy and juicy and lots of fried onions.

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    1. re: rudybaga

      If you like old fashioned diners, Moe's Almost World Famous Diner is really one of a kind. It's in Osseo, WI about 25/30 miles east of Eau Claire. I had their corned beef hash last time I went through and it was fantastic.

      1. re: Db Cooper

        If you stop in Osseo, pie at the Norske Nook is a must for many a traveler on 94. We stop even if its not lunch.

    2. Ended up at the Mocha Mouse in BRF. It was breakfast time, and while it was straight-forward, it was a good value. Got a bowl of cheese soup to go, and it was fabulous! Interesting stop - restaurant, cheese shop, wines, gifts, local artisan foods.

      1. Hey, thanks for reporting back! It's nice to see that the effort to help out is worthwhile. Many people don't bother.

        Glad you liked that new little place. But that burger at the casino is a good one, too. Try them next time!