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Dec 18, 2013 08:28 AM

Wedding banquet locations in San Sebastian (or nearby)

My fiancé and I are planning a wedding in San Sebastian in September 2014. We are looking at some of the better restaurants around San Sebastian and I'm curious if anyone has any comments. I think it would be great to be able to have a good food experience as a wedding reception.

We're planning on getting married on a Monday and we're thinking that some of the restaurants that are normally closed on a Monday might open up for special events. Here's the list of potential choices so far:

Martin Berasategui (suggested by our wedding planner)
Mirador de Ulia (suggested by our wedding planner)
Restaurant Ni Neu (suggested by our wedding planner)
Mugaritz (suggested by me)
Kokotxa (suggested by me)
Any obvious places that we're missing?

In particular I worry a bit that places like Mugaritz might be too avant garde for our guests, but the location would be great. I'm also curious if anyone has done a tasting menu for a wedding or if that notion is ridiculous. Cost isn't too big of an issue, since it'll only be about 30 people or so.

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  1. How about Akelare not too far from town, and great sea views, and good food (less out there than Mugaritz). I would think you need to budget €250+ a head so about $10,000 for the food etc.

    Will a restaurant open for only 30 people on their day off - logically yes but given the European Working Time Directive they may find it tricky....!

      1. Out of all the places you listed above, I think Martin Berasategui will be perfect for your size, the food will be fantastic and the views (although not of the beach) are quite nice.

        If you are willing to go near Bilbao I would also suggest Azurmendi. It has a whole section just for wedding banquets. The food is tremendous and won't been too avant garde for your guests either.


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          >> If you are willing to go near Bilbao I would also suggest Azurmendi

          I wasn't going to say it because it's closer to Bilbao than SS, but now that someone else brought it up ... yeah, Azurmendi would be great if you don't mind the 45 minute drive. They use their original restaurant building for special events like this, so it would be a good fit. I dined there in October and the chef is excellent. This was the best meal we had in Spain.

          Here's a web site with a write-up and photos. The author has dined at all the Michelin 3*s in Spain (actually, all the 3*'s worldwide) and he rated his meal at Azurmendi higher than at any of the other Spanish three stars.

          The photo captioned "top view of the original building" shows the venue where special events like yours are held. There are three other photos of this building, including an interior shot captioned "banqueting suite", in the photos.

          Here's a link to the restaurant's site where they discuss wedding services: (it says "two stars" but he was awarded # 3 last spring).

        2. Hi!
          I am wedding planner in San Sebastian. I will recommend you those restaurants too:
 : this is a new restaurant from Martin Berasategi (3 Michelin Stars), this restaurant has not any michelin star but for sure it is a very good place…
 very good food and it is located in the old part of the city
 this place is amazing, traditional basque food. It is out of the city 15 minutes away by car…
          The others that your wedding planner has recommended you are fantastic too!!


          1. Hi
            how did you get on? I have also been looking at Mirador for 2016 but have no clue where to start . Let me know how you get on ; I would love to hear from you.
            We have between 80-120 people though.

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              why has this be resurrected? Maybe due the poster(s) (or at least some) have got business interests in wedding functions.