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Dec 18, 2013 08:23 AM

Sandwich Cake?

Hi There,
Wondering if anyone has ever made a sandwich cake before- essentially different layers of tea-like sandwiches all in one loaf of bread (sliced horizontally) and then iced with cream cheese? Sounds a bit strange to me but a good friend loves them, and would like to make one... need ideas for layers that would go together!

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  1. I have heard of this before, in fact, I first saw this in my
    mother's old cookbook. I
    believe it was a 50's better homes and garden. As I recall, a whole loaf of bread was sliced thinly then filled and frosted with a flavored cream cheese. They are then sliced into portions.

    1. I've seen these in old magazines, the fillings were ham salad and egg salad and chicken salad. Could be nice, I think, if care is taken with each component. The bread would be important, bit I wouldn't know what kind would be best. (Someone here will know.)

      1. I googled images of this and the pictures are less than appetizing.

        tuna salad, hard boiled egg



        1. I have. I tinted the cream cheese blue for a baby shower. You will need way more cheese than you think, so make sure you use interesting cheese.

          1. Hello
            First Post-LONGTIME lurker. I just bookmarked a couple of sites about sandwich cakes. I found the best results by searching for swedish smörgåstårta.

            Here are two of my favorite sites.


            I have never made one but thought they looked fun especially for an Easter Brunch or a baby shower.

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              I was going to say, I know these best as smörgåstårta. There are lots of good recommendations on The Kitchn link you provided.