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Dec 18, 2013 08:09 AM

The Thirsty Owl (Saratoga Springs)

Has anyone been to The Thirsty Owl?


The Yelp perspective:

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  1. We went recently for their wine tasting dinner.

    There are two dining areas and the tasting room. I hope they serve on the porch when the weather gets nice. A long way off since Winter begins tomorrow and we've already had plenty of cold and snow. There is off the street parking, unfortunately the lot was full.

    It was crowded and lively. The tasting room would have been a better place to sit for a more relaxing vibe and dinner without so much noise. Love the decor with art featuring horses and owls. Casual yet sophisticated.

    All the wines are from the owner's vineyard. The whites were better than the reds. The food was better than the wine. Service was good. It was busy and pacing was a little slow and at one point the kitchen sent out some complimentary grilled bread topped with ? We appreciated having a relaxed dinner.

    Now on to the food:

    First Course

    Trio of oysters. Raw with persimmon mignotte, baked with garlic and ginger, fried with cajun sour cream

    Paired with 2012 Gewurztraminer


    Seared quail served over parmesan polenta cake and blackberry coulis

    Paired with 2011 Riesling

    Second Course

    Celeriac Soup. Celery root puree, goat cheese puff pastry and truffle oil.

    Paired with 2012 Snow Owl.


    Duck Salad. duck confit over frisee lettuce, shaved red onion, grape tomatoes and roasted pecans with black fig vinaigrette.

    Paired with 2012 Lot 99

    Third Course

    Escolar. Pan seared escolar, lemon chive beurre blanc over shrimp and saffron risotto & haricot vert.

    Paired with 2011 Pinot Noir


    Filet Mignon. Grilled 6 oz. filet seared foie gras, sweet potato & yucca dauphinoise served with asparagus.

    Paired with 2012 Meritage

    Fourth Course

    Cheesecake, Goat cheese and thyme cheesecake with Thirsty Owl 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine Reduction


    Flourless chocolate cake

    Paired with 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine

    We shared everything. I tasted all the dishes except the filet mignon. The quail was one of my favorite dishes. The escolar was cooked perfectly.The risotto was very good. I don't usually order risotto out because SO makes it better. Liked one of the whites paired with the first or second course the best. Also enjoyed the ice wine, sweeter than what I usually drink.

    We will definitely go back.