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Dec 18, 2013 06:11 AM

Red Sauce in Camberville

Have some family in front out of town. They're going to want a casual red sauce Italian joint on Friday night. We've taken them to L'Impasto, Area Four and Posto in the past, so trying to think of something new. Ideally, something like L'Impasto that's not L'Impasto in Cambridge or Somerville. Does this exist? We took some other family members to Gran Gusto recently, and were really disappointed with that meal. Clearly if we broaden the geographic footpoint there are a ton of options, but I'd like to limit it to places we can drive to and park (have a Cambridge resident sticker, so that's not an issue). Giulia is a little too fancy for what we want. If we don't come up with anything, we might just end up driving to Fiorella's in Newton because we know they'll like that. Any ideas?

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  1. If you mean really not fancy but great Italian Basta pasta

    1. On the rather casual end is Vinny's on Broadway in East Somerville.

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      1. re: yarm

        Vinny's is a good recommendation.

        There is also Pescatore in Ball Sq Somerville and Out of the Blue in Davis. Both of those lean toward seafood.

        1. re: yarm

          I think Vinny's might be the winner. Thanks for the recs.

          I've been meaning to get to Il Casale for ages, and this just reminds me of that. Will do that when it's just the wife and I.

          1. re: mkfisher

            Quick thought as an alternative, though I haven't been to Vinny's. Bocelli's in Medford is a solid red sauce joint.

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              I thought of Bocelli's too, not far over the Somerville line. If you can't find something on the street, there is a public lot behind the block of stores across the street. Il Casale is great, but I don't think it's red sauce enough.

            2. re: mkfisher

              sorry i can't offer n alternative, but our last time at vinny's was a major disappointment. what passed for the risotto served with the osso bucco was just a few grains of rice floating around in the braising liquid.

          2. Is Il Casale in Belmont too far out. Very good Italian food.

            1. I would put Out of the Blue over Vinny's and Pescatore both food and service-wise. I used to be a fan of Pescatore, but their quality has really slipped and their service can be downright unfriendly. I had really quite good orechiette with pesto and seared scallops at Out of the Blue the other night. Although they tend toward seafood, they have chicken parm and assorted other red sauce type foods. They also have a parking lot next to Downtown wines.

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              1. re: Parsnipity

                Second Out of the Blue. Good food and service and prices are quite reasonable.

                1. re: Parsnipity

                  Nice to finally learn that Out of the Blue is an Italian seafood place. I had assumed for years that it was something else, maybe a casual New England seafood joint, and not bothered with it. I managed to miss the regular mentions of it here.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Oh no, it's much closer to the Daily Catch in its offerings than something like the No-Name. Given the attention paid to calamari on the menu (though alas, no meatballs), I wouldn't be surprised if Out of the Blue had people in common with the Daily Catch.

                    1. re: LeoLioness

                      Yes, I wouldn't say it's a "red sauce" joint, just that it could fill some of the same menu items by providing pastas, chicken parm, etc. It's a seafood place which also has red sauce menu items.

                    2. re: MC Slim JB

                      Hmm..I thought it was more Greek than Italian.

                  2. HOw about La Hacienda really casual but a very tasty red sauce. yummy and inexpensive, a little divey atmosphere, though