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Identify this sushi-ya...

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I was wondering if any of the resident sushi experts are able to identify the sushi-ya from the pictures here:


It looks fantastic but I cannot work out where it is. The plates seem quite unique though so I was hoping someone might know what it is called.

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  1. my money is on 銀座寿司幸本店

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    1. re: Scharn

      The plates do indeed look similar. However the author says in a related post that its a 7-seat, introduction only sushiya run by a certain Takahashi-san. They have done the decent thing and not added further details. Toktoktok, I suggest you contact the author of the blog directly.

    2. There are many sushiyas in Tokyo this could be. Sushi Ginza or Kimura would provide a similar experience.

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      1. re: pg1984

        There is only one sushiya that this could be, and it's not Sushi Ko or any other Ginza sushiya.

        1. re: wekabeka

          thanks for the "info".