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Dec 17, 2013 10:47 PM

kimchi tofu house

Can't find a menu anywhere… anyone been recently or heard specifics on menu?

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  1. I could be confused, but I recall the menu being on a blackboard. The bi bim bop was ok.

    1. I was last there almost 6 months ago and am overdue for a return. There was a laminated 1-page menu then as well as a list on the wall, but I don't have any pictures. The sundubu was really delicious, and after trying several other things in a large group once, think it's the way to go. It was $8 or $9 then, with several options like beef, beef and dumpling, seafood, etc. Considering the quality, and quantity, it was a heck of a deal. I think there also was some kind of combo deal that would be good for sharing. Bi bim bop was not the hot kind that I've had before, but still tasted decent; bulgolgi was nothing special and more expensive; banchan were all quite tasty and complimentary; red chili sauce was completely addictive.

      1. thank you for the post! Those three words together are music to me.

        1. Went yesterday. Menu is printed, one sided piece of paper. There are around 12 dishes on the whole menu, mainly variations of the soft tofu soup and bulgogi or bibimbop. Had the lunch special which was a small soup with beef and dumplings, and the dak (Chicken) bulgogi. Also had Taboki(Many spelling variations for this dish!) which are basically a rice flour dumpling with fish cakes in a spicy red sauce, and one of my favorite all time korean dishes.

          The soup was nice, 4-5 different levels of spice, I went with 2nd hottest and it made my nose run/sweat a bit. You get to crack an egg in it right away which is always a fun thing to do. This is a pepper driven soup, the tofu was firm to the point of just set, and the dumplings were toothsome. The beef wasn't the most flavorful but I would go clam or shrimp next time I think.

          The Bulgogi was fine. Nothing to write home about.

          The Taboki was great, again I am a sucker for this dish so my bias precedes me, however the dumplings had enough stickiness, the fish cake was mild and the pepper sauce spice was slow building and well developed. I'll be back there regularly