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Dec 17, 2013 10:21 PM

Melbourne for holidays, solo

I'll be visiting Melbourne next week for the first time. I've skimmed through previous dining recommendations on this board and have started to compile a list, but was going to ask for some anyway, considering that it'll be the holiday week and the fact that I'll be there by myself. I would prefer to keep the bill under $60, but don't mind splurging once. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recs are all welcome. As far as cuisine, not really interested in Asian (had a lot of that lately), but anything else goes. I'll be staying in CBD, but will be taking taxis or public transport to get to other places.

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  1. $60 per day or per meal? Drinks?

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Sorry, meant that I don't mind spending up to $60 a couple of times for good meals.

      1. re: andreiz

        Oh, and a glass of wine or beer will do.

        1. re: andreiz

          Does 'next week' mean cricket - between xmas and new year?

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              I asked as you might have issues with what's actually open.

              First, the best bargain lunches are at Crown = both Rosetta (posh Italian) and Bistro Guillaume (French) offer really good value set lunch menus. The bistro one is piles of food.

              Cumulus is an all-day highly recommended eatery that opens all the way through the break - I normally meet people there when the cricket's on. You can spend as much or as little as you like. It has a nice Melbourne feel to it and is a good benchmark for what eating in Melbourne is all about.

              ChinChin is also worth a look, it's probably one of the best examples of modern Asian and another Melb classic.

              If you want to eat cheap, you're probably looking at Asian - but it is very good quality, look along the northern end of Swanston and Elizabeth Streets for the international student haunts.

              And kersizm will probably kill me for this, but an archetypal Australian dish you might want to try is the chicken parma - in the CBD I'd recommend Mrs Parmas. Pub food in the CBD is pretty poor, you'd need to head up to Fitzroy.

              Out of the CBD? Maybe DOC or Carlton Espresso on Lygon Street (but nowhere else, do not be sucked in by the spruikers)

            2. re: mr_gimlet

              Looks like andreiz will have a couple of extra days to enjoy the city if Mitch keeps up the good work

              1. re: PhilD

                Haha, yes, I wouldn't be choosing my seat for day 5 just yet

      2. Movida.
        Wonderful food, and you can get a lot of dishes for $50-$60.

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        1. re: cap

          Obviously you don't eat much! I dropped $100 in twenty minutes. I think both Anada and Bar Lourinha have better food and are cheaper than Movida

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            Like I said, it'll be my first time there, so I'm not that familiar with the costs there. I was just going off of local San Francisco prices.

            1. re: andreiz

              Sorry, that was directed at cap - Movida is cool but exxy

              1. re: mr_gimlet

                You could get 10 tapas plus Cecina for $50.
                To me that is good value.

                1. re: cap

                  I've never seen that offer, but that's quite good. The only one I knew was 10 dishes for $75

        2. I spent a good two months in Melbourne since July (from Sydney) and ate my way through the city pretty well. If you're careful on drinks, you can do pretty well for $60. Again, I'm not sure which ones of these will be open, but more a list of best of from my trips.

          Huxtable (could be a splurge meal)
          Huxtaburger (my favourite burger in Australia)
          Bar Lourinhã - They'll do half portions of any dish so you can try more dishes at a more reasonable price
          Meat Mother - decent american style BBQ
          Builders Arm Hotel - During winter there was a nightly roast special, so I'd assume they have some nightly special in summer
          Cookie - Good beer list and some pretty good small plates and fried chicken, though asian leaning
          Mamasita - Best tacos in Australia that I've come across, but certainly not up to SF quality
          Hu Tong - Asian, but still worth a mention. BYO also, I believe.
          City Wine Bar

          Thinking back, I ate at a lot more places, but those were the ones I went back to over and over again.