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Dec 17, 2013 09:25 PM

Stella - $5 Happy Hour

Still haven't made it. Tried tonight but the storm and traffic got us down. Is anything outstanding on this menu? Is it worth a stop for a drink and a bite or two? Does the kitchen make a sincere effort in these bites?

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    1. Finally tried this last week. The $5 Happy Hour plates include almost every app on the regular menu, and they are full-sized appetizer portions. A fantastic deal!

      Parmesan Arancini - enjoyed the sauce (a little spicy) but found the arancini a bit dense/heavy. (I miss the short rib arancini from Sage....)

      Bistecca Tartare - very good, mustardy, but a raw egg (or at least a softer-cooked yolk) probably would have worked better.

      Crispy Fried Artichoke Hearts - I loved these, slightly thick batter but fried really nicely and tasty.

      Spicy Mussels in Saffron Cream - delicious, spicy, the best dish of the evening - definitely worth a return trip for these.

      Bartender was friendly; the Richer Pourer wine on tap was crisp and tasty and nicely priced (I think $8?). Huge bonus: There are parking meters across the street (in front of the Salvation Army) that do NOT turn resident-only at 6pm. Why have I not been here before?

      We rounded out the meal with a cheese platter at Gallows. A tasty evening all around!

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        I couldn't get over how much food we got for $5. It's a steal!