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Dec 17, 2013 08:10 PM

Eden Kitchen - Eden Center

Don't know when this place opened, but it is fairly new. They specialize in pho, but also does a lot of other stuff. I had an appetizer of fried squid with salt-and-pepper, and some stirfry vegetables which turned out to be bok choy. Their version of bok choy definitely has some fish sauce in it. Good food, reasonably priced but for now they don't accept credit cards.

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  1. How late are they open?

    1. Had lunch there the other day and it was excellent. Pho was filled with rare beef and brisket, Broth was flavorful but still room for a bit of Siracha and Hoisin. Would have liked them to have fish sauce on the table as well. Had summer rolls which were first rate too.

      Ownership very nice, very accommodating. Highly recommended.

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        I had a bowl of pho there for lunch today. I don't eat it enough to be able to say which place is better than which, but Pho Factory, which is a bit inconvenient for me, has been a bit better than the couple of closer pho places I frequent (if once a month or so can qualify as "frequent"). I was happy to see them open this place in Eden Center, which is an easy walk for me. Service was good, pho was good, what's not to like?

        We've had this discussion before, but I just don't see why a bown of noodle soup with about an ounce of meat in it should cost $8-9? For a cheap lunch at Eden Center, I'll stick with bhan mi.

        1. re: MikeR

          Lots of restaurants/stores have closed in Eden. I was told the rent there is quite high. Outside of Eden (e.g., golden cow, 75, 50), a small bowl of pho is still $7 or less, iirc (I always get the large bowl but I haven't had pho in quite some time).

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Golden Cow has been my usual pho-go-to place, and a small bowl is plenty for me. I think you're probably right, that it's a buck cheaper than Eden Kitchen. I seem to recall that Pho Factory (Landmark area) had only one size, but maybe this has changed.

            None of them have free tea any longer so I stick with plain water, saving a buck and a half on the wish-it-was-still Five Dollar Lunch.

      2. I just had lunch there this past Saturday. They now accept credit cards. I had the summer roll with the ground pork and boiled rinds (bi cuon). I thought it was great. I followed that with a small pho with rare beef. I thought the broth was great. Then, I started looking around and noticed most of the Vietnamese families were ordering a variety of other noodle soups, noodle salads/wraps, and rice dishes. They all looked really good. The restaurant is clean and the staff is very friendly. I'd definitely come back to try other dishes.