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Dec 17, 2013 07:56 PM

Dim Sum Dinner on a Saturday?

I know that dim sum is typically served at brunch, but a friend of mine mentioned that she's never had it - and we're due to have dinner this Saturday. She's intrigued and I'd love to indulge her.

Any suggestions for places downtown that serve an all-day dim sum?


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  1. You could try Chalau Dim Sum restaurant at 476 Yonge. The menu is on the pricier side and I haven't eaten there but they serve dim sum all day (and are open into dinner/evening hours.)

    Dynasty Chinese Cuisine at 69 Yorkville also has dim sum along with a regular menu. They are open for dinners but you may want to call to see if they serve dim sum at dinnertime. I don't see why not since it has to be ordered off the menu. (I have eaten here a few years ago and it was good - also pricey given the area.)

    Kowloon Seafood Dimsum at 5 Baldwin Street also offers all day dim sum. They're open til 10 in the evenings but given that most places claim "all day" dim sum even if they serve only until 4pm, you might want to give them a call beforehand. (Also have not tried it myself.)

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      +1 for Cha Lau Dim Sum Restaurant. They are the only ones really set up to deliver dinner time dim fact dim sum is all they do all day long. At lunch time, I would recommend Dynasty or the Crown Princess, but Cha Lau is decent enough to take a newbie.

    2. You can also visit Pearl in the Yorkville area they also offer all day dim sum and is especially good if you don't know Cantonese as you order off a list.