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Dec 17, 2013 07:31 PM

Wilson and Wilson Bar [San Francisco]

Has anyone been to the Wilson and Wilson Bar? The website is done in Dashiell Hamett 30s/40s iconic decor but provides no pictures or menu. I know its one of the first gentrified beachheads in the Tenderloin.

Plus it requires reservations!

Has anyone been there to vouch for its fabulousness??

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  1. It's Bourbon and Branch, pretty much.

    It's small, and cute, especially if you're a fan of wallpaper. The secret bar thing is a bit silly at this point, but they do a fine job of it. Unfortunately, they also hold movie nights, and other special events that don't fit their theme.

    Personally I'd rather just hit up Romollo, or Two Sisters, and walk in.