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Dec 17, 2013 07:22 PM

Recommendations for cheap to moderately priced restaurants in Montreal

Hi everyone,

My husband & I are traveling to Montreal for New Year's Eve. We're on a bit of a budget, so I was wondering if anyone knows any cheap to moderately priced restaurants in Montreal. Trick is, my walking is limited, so it needs to be relatively close to our hotel, which is the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth on Rene Levesque. The restaurants in the hotel look amazing, but they're way out of our budget.

We'll eat anything. My husband is a very adventurous eater & he'd love to try some traditional Canadian food, if possible.

Any ideas?

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  1. How many days are you here for? (Choice on NYE is pretty limited, but there are regular restos open that evening). The Dominion square tavern is not far from the QueenE. Can you take taxis or the metro which is pretty accessible from the QueenE?

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      Only for NYE. Are most restaurants not open or are they insanely booked? We driving up from Vermont for the night. We might be able to do the Metro.

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        Most restaurants are open and the ones that have special meals for NYE will be open earlier for normal meals. You could also drive to your restaurant of choice.

        Are you looking for a New Year's Eve meal with all the razmataz including midnght? Or something earlier?

        What is your absolutely dream meal, ie type of food and estimated maximum of main dishes for your meal?

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          Both are true. Many restaurants in Montreal close around the xmas-NYE period, and most that remain open have special New Years meals or events often booked well in advance.
          That said, Les 400 Coups is still showing tables for 2 on open table for the 6pm seating on NYE (a nice looking 3-course meal at $55 each). This would be my recommendation, but I'd book ASAP. This is not really traditional Canadian food, but leans towards modern Quebecois.

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            If you have difficulty walking, do not take the metro. There are endless stairs, very few elevators and, some stations don't even have escalators. Many of the suggestions are a very short taxi ride away. Depending on where you go, a taxi might even be cheaper than taking the metro.

            1. re: hala

              I agree. Taxis are very cheap in Montreal. You could get to L'Express for about $10-12.

        2. What is the maximum walking distance you can do? Is metro an option?

          There are plenty of restaurant but its mainly the business center so there are not a lot of good cheap finds that comes quickly to mind.

          I mean... I work near there so I can give you a few of my spots but I don't know if I'd send tourists there. I barely recommend them to my friends. :D

          *Flash edit: I see that metro is an option. A good bet would be to reserve through opentable to make sure there is no confusion on NYE.

          Out of the opentable options I'd say that L'express is the best combination of:

          *Not terribly expensive
          *Near a metro (Sherbrooke)
          *A Montreal institution

          It is a Montreal institution. The food is classic French. Not super innovative but strong fundamentals. The atmosphere is french bistro. The service can be iffy (another french trait) and there are more celebrated restaurants around but its a solid value pick that keeps with the theme.

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          1. re: CaptCrunch

            Thanks! That sounds great. I'll definitely write it down.

          2. How much of a budget per person?

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            1. re: JerkPork

              I'd say 25-30 american dollars per person.

            2. here's a thread about the underground city under your hotel area

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