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Dec 17, 2013 06:58 PM

Food-loving parents & teenagers on the loose in Charleston. Help!

We have some parents whose daughters are attending some stuff at College of Charleston and we are excited to eat enjoy a couple of meals in Charleston. We've been to town many times and we love everything from FIG, Husk, MacIntosh, Bon Banh Mi, Butcher & Bee, etc. My family of 4 may do Two Boroughs Larder for a lunch, maybe The Grocery or Cru Cafe for a dinner and we have to get a sandwich at Bon Banh Mi at some point (not to mention hit up goat.sheep.cow for cheese to take home).

My question is where in the general historic area can I get a reservation for a party of 7-10 in mid-January that is teenager and large group friendly but is not-so-touristy? I thought about Anson but I think we want something a tad more casual. Not interested in Hominy Grill either. Something like the atmosphere at Pearl only not just fried seafood, oysters and bar food.

Thanks in Advance!

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    1. My teenagers always liked Poogan's Porch. Rue de Jean is good too and great atmosphere. SNOB is another favorite, but pricier for dinner. Lunch menu is reasonable though, and the food is fabulous.

      1. Thanks for the recs. Our group grew by several people so we had to venture slightly out of the HD. I made a resv at Rutledge Cab. Co. becaue they could accomodate our large group and the menu looked interesting, but still fairly casual and mainstream.

        We are still considering Rue de Jean for our family of 4 dinner. But I also saw a new gastropub opened up called Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap. Has anyone been here yet? I'm having difficulty finding a place for dinner for our party of 4. I hoped to get to Xiao Bao Biscuit but it will be closed through 1/12. I think Two Boroughs Larder and The Grocery are too high end for us this trip. We love Cru but I was hoping to try somewhere I haven't yet been. I'm looking for something casual like The Fat Hen or Wild Olive or even Cru (we don't want to venture out to John's Is.). Any suggestions?

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          Rutledge Cab is good. Stick w Cru since it is downtown.
          Try a sandwich at Persimmon Cafe for a sandwich. It is great!

          Really low end but great food is Martha Lou's on East Bay. Cash only, meat and three, go before or after lunch.

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            Rutledge Cab Co was great. They were very accomodating to our large group and the menu appealed to everyone. We had the sweetbreads w/ white sauce and they were fried perfectly. I had the lamb kabobs w/ mint pesto. I ordered them med-rare and again, they were cooked perfectly. One of our friends ordered the ring ding dessert and they were adorable - looked just like the Hostess cakes and tasted like them too.

            Today for coffee we went to Kudu and my husband bought a growler of Palmetto IPA (I think) and was chatting with the guy behind the counter. He said that Bill Murray is one of the owners of Rutledge Cab Co and he comes in the Kudu often. They said he's the friendliest guy.

            We had lunch at Two Boroughs Larder. Again, it was really good. I had the porchetta w/ a fried egg and fried potatoes and mustard. Wow. I also had fried cauliflower w/ fish sauce and fresh mint. I had a mimosa w/ hops & elderflower which was the perfect brunch cocktail.

            We finished up with a stop by my favorite shop - goat.sheep.cow. We bought a bunch of cheeses, including a nice hunk of Dancing Fern and some salumi. I so love that place and the people that own it. They are just so friendly and accomodating and good at what they do - introducing you to new and delicious cheeses.

            Hey, what's going on with The Vendue, by the way? We were shocked to see it totally gutted and undergoing renovations. I was so sad. :(

            1. re: lynnlato

              Dancing Fern is pretty good, started buying that at WF here in Raleigh a few months ago. It's been a few years since I've been able to buy Reblochon, and what do you know someone in TN is making a home grown version. Now if only some monks here would make raw milk Southeast US Citeaux I'd be set :-).

              1. re: D R C

                I'm still holding out hope that someone, anyone will smuggle in some serra da estrella for me. It's a gooey, grassy raw sheep's milk cheese from Northern Portugal that I fell in love with while traveling over there. If I could just have one small wheel of it and a few pasteis de nata I would be one happy gal. <sigh>

                Damn you FDA, for raining on our cheese parade.