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Dec 17, 2013 05:21 PM

Korean or Chinese Party Trays - Koreatown, San Gabriel or Alhambra

Does anyone have recommendations for party trays for Korean or Chinese food in Koreatown or San Gabriel area? Thanks!

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  1. What's a Chinese party tray?

    For that matter, what's a Korean party tray?

    1. for chinese,if you're looking for a tray of beef chow fun, fried rice, etc. any cantonese style place in the SGV will probably accommodate you. i understand that phoenix does a lot of that kind of business at a reasonable price.

      as for korean, there so much different types of things to get, that IMO it's going to be a case of checking with the restaurants who do that particular thing well and comparing prices.

      if you have any favorite places i'd say ask there first. otherwise try the ones that do a fair amount of take out business.they;ll accommodate you with sufficient notice.

      1. Why not just order separate items from the menu?

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          1. re: barryc

            Perhaps I wasn't clear in what I wrote. Many restaurants don't have a "party tray" per se consisting of different items. I meant to suggest to the OP that one can pick and choose the items you want from the menu and order them in bulk. I've done that numerous times.

            1. re: raytamsgv

              ah. the thing is, some places do make things not on the menu; for example, one might want to order a vegetarian version of rice/noodles which most places will readily do for a negotiated price. so it wasn't obvious to me what you meant.

        1. Tasty Garden advertises party trays for large orders in their menu