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Dec 17, 2013 03:05 PM

Delivery near Childrens' Hospital?

Jumping in from Philly board...can anyone recommend a decent delivery place near Seattle Childrens Hospital? My friend is there for the long term with her young daughter recovering from transplant surgery and would be greatly appreciate a tasty surprise. Many thanks!!!

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  1. Seattle isn't a real hot town for delivery. I suggest looking at sites like Eat24 or GrubHub to see what's available. One place that delivers that I've heard good things about but never personally tried is Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon.


      The only issue with delivery is the delivery person isn't going to make it past the front desk, so the recipient needs to be fully aware it's coming and meet them in the lobby.

      1. Of the restaurants listed that deliver, Pagliacci is fairly popular and I usually order from them for delivery pizza; I've also heard that Thai of Wedgwood is decent-good.

        Good luck to your friend and her daughter.

        1. PCC Catering might be worth a look. Their catering operation is quite good. I'm sure they will taxi an order the mile to you. Pair cafe is another mile. Pagliacci is everywhere - have the pepper Primo and a Pagliaccio salad.

          1. For delivery sushi we usually get I Love Sushi from Eat24.