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Dec 17, 2013 02:23 PM

brisbane seafood

looking for a good seafood place in Brisbane or near Paddington.... AND has good atmosphere

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  1. You're probably looking at Eagle Street Pier, Jellyfish is just seafood but most if the places will have a heavy seafood bias on their menus eg the Italian places. Be prepared to pay though.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      thank you, its a Christmas present for my son and daughter in law who emigrate in January.... my brother suggested il centro, gambaros.... what do u think?

      1. re: deirdre11

        both Il Centro and Gambaros are in my generic grouping of 'nice Italian restaurants'. I like Il Centro as it does an amazing heart-stopping crab lasagne, it's also what most people would consider a nice restaurant

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          Many thanks will email and buy a voucher, my brother said the same about the crab lasagne
          Coming from the west coast of Scotland we're pretty spoiled when it comes to seafood

          1. re: deirdre11

            people write songs about lesser things than the Il Centro sandcrab lasagne. For my money, it's one of the best seafood dishes in Brisbane

            1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

              Thanks Samuel, have bought the voucher.... sounds good, i'm going to Brisi for a few months, will also go on that recommendation : )))