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Dec 17, 2013 02:12 PM

cookbook recs for Sous Vide at home?

I just received the Anova Sous Vide machine and can't wait to try it out. Do you guys have any recs for good cookbooks? I'm thinking
Sous Vide for the Home Cook cookbook by Douglas Baldwin. I'm also feeling seduced by Thomas Keller's Under Pressure. Any others worth checking out? Thanks!

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  1. Similar to the Baldwin book "Beginning Sous Vide" by Logsdon is a reasonable starting point. If you can read German "Sous-Vide" by Vilgis is very nice. The recipes are far more refined than Baldwin or Logsdon but not as elaborated as the Keller book which is perfect once you get a feeling for sous vide.
    And than there is of course the egullet thread about sous vide which is perhaps the best source of this topic on the web including early contributions from Nathan Myhrvold

    1. those are the two must haves.
      after that, it's mostly experimentation.

      and of course: Modernist Cuisine At Home

      also have a look at: