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Dec 17, 2013 02:03 PM

Christmas Eve and Day for a family of Jews visiting SF

Hi All

Our family of 4 (with 2 daughters, 16 & 13) will be staying in SF for a few days over Christmas. It's Bat Mitzvah season! I've checked the Board and other than the Top O the Mark, not seeing a lot of options for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We may still do one of those Top O the Mark meals, but haven't decided. Is it really worth it? Something one "needs" to have done?

Christmas Eve we'll be seeing a ballet at the Yerba Buena Performing Arts Center at 2 PM and afterward, would like to go somewhere nearby. I lived in SF back in the day when SoMa was a druggie wasteland, so I'm not real familiar with what is good there now. I did eat at an overpriced Indian place near the Marriott Marquis a year or so back. It was good, not great, and we aren't looking for anything crazy wonderful, but a good, upscale interesting place with a fun scene.

We looked into the Kosher Chinese Food thing but it's not really our scene. We will be having Dim Sum at Yank Sing on Sunday, as part of a pre Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Our kids' first real appreciation of good food came when we ate at Zuni Cafe in 2007. They seem to be booked solid, and/or closed -- thoughts about a restaurant that is similar? Innovative, but homey food? I also have enjoyed La Mer for dinner, but that was a few years back. Is Absinthe still around? Also, a friend took me for lunch at a really wonderful nuevo Italian place in the financial district/area last year. The name is escaping me. I know SF has some great new places, or even some "old" ones we need to get to, but I'm really drawing a blank at the moment.

Help! We are staying at the Adagio and will have a car, though we'd probably prefer to let it stay in its $50/night crib, rather than drive around the city.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Sort of in the same tradition as Zuni, Bar Jules, Bar Tartine.

    Italian place in FiDi could be Perbacco, Barbacco, or Cotogna.

    I don't think the Top of the Mark is on the radar for many locals.

    1. Absinthe is still around.

      I'm assuming by "Kosher Chinese Food" you don't mean literally kosher, but rather the tradition of Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas. I'd suggest that you reconsider: Chinatown is going to be one of the few places that won't feel "dead" on Christmas day (shops will be open, the streets will be busy, etc.).

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        I presumed NAspy was talking about the Kung Pao Kosher Comedy event, which this year is at New Asia.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Ah, well my recommendation still stands.