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Dec 17, 2013 01:45 PM

2 nights in San Antonio - Chowhound friend from Toronto


Hounder from Toronto here spending 2 nights in San Antonio - looking for fabulous restaurants to dine clients, also from Toronto. We will be staying at Hotel Contessa, 306 W. Market St. - and the only restriction is that we would like to be within 10 minute cab of the hotel.

Looking for regional specialty restaurants (we don't get good tex mex or anything close up here in snowy Canada). However - it would have to be upscale (if there is such a thing).

Looking for also any innovative or fine dining experiences - service and great wine lists are appreciated. Have done a quick search and it seems that Nao gets a lot of fanfare here.


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  1. There are so many downtown/Riverwalk suggestions on this board. You have chosen a restaurant that is a lot more than a ten-minute cab ride. Actually your hotel does pretty good tapas and Spanish food though I think they use too much salt.

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      Hi - thanks!

      I didn't know that the hotel is downtown/Riverwalk. First time to San Antonio. Now I know to narrow my search to that area on this board. Any immediate responses would also be appreciated!


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        I would suggest Biga on the Banks, Bella on the River, Gwendolyn, The Fig Tree, Citrus - all are on the river.

    2. The Pearl area where Nao is is not much more than a 10 minute drive. Lots of good choices there including La Gloria for fairly upscale Mexican, Sandbar, Il Sogno, etc.