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Dec 17, 2013 01:34 PM

Special Restaurant in Rome

Going to Rome for a few days in Jan. what suggestions of a wonderful but not touristy place to celebrate a special birthday? Want a place more authentic then being the "place" to go. The locale is not an issue but do want someplace in Rome. We are fairly picky and well traveled but want something more local feel. Budget is open but do want restaurant that is more memorable than the price of the check. Also other places that are great to check out would be appreciated--these can vary but more casual in nature would be great for our pocketbook as well as waistline!

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    1. I'd suggest Armando al Pantheon. It is definitely authentic, but a bit special as well. Due to it's location, right near the Pantheon, you will certainly be surrounded by as many tourists as locals.

      For something a bit more upscale, but still traditional, there is Al Moro (near Trevi) and Al Ceppo. Since Ceppo is located in Parioli, it is very 'local' feeling. And the formal setting makes it feel very special.

      I hope this helps!

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        Thanks but wonder about Perilli and Flavio as ones that you had previously described as ones that you would visit for your "last meal." Are those still your faves and would how the ones you so kindly addes today would compare. Thanks for your input.

        1. re: kylegabe

          I do still love Perilli. But since you asked for a special place, and you are only here for a few days, I suggested Armando since it's in the center of town and is a bit more upscale.

          Flavio has been a bit iffy, in my opinion, ever since Flavio opened a second restaurant in Prati. Since he is not actually running day to day operations, I find the service can sometimes be a bit off.

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            Even though Armando and Perilli are different, I'd put them on about the same level. I liked the idea of Al Ceppo. The surroundings are beautiful, but not fancy schmancy, and the food varied and good.

      2. I haven't been in a long time, but I always found that the Taverna Giulia, which specializes in the food of Liguria, to be special and would fit your bill - though at the upper end of the pocketbook scale.Certainly not full of tourists. I've also always like "La Pigna" near the Pantheon.