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Dec 17, 2013 01:13 PM

Switching from Loblaws

We're switching away from Loblaws after a dispute with them.
I am curious about opinions of big grocery stores within reasonable range by car of Mile End.We tried the Metro on St Hubert and were not impressed.
This week we'll try either the Metro plus at 3600 St joseph E. or an IGA, either Plas Dejardins, or 900 St. Zotique.
Any opinions on theses stores or other options?
We do almost all are produce shopping at PA so that's less important but not unimportant. With 3 boys we go through tons of juice, snacks etc.
No Provigos or other Loblaws associates.

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  1. The Metro on Laurier East is much nicer than the nearby Metro on St-Hubert between Laurier and Saint-Grégoire. I would have said PA as I live near Jean-Talon Market and try to shop at PA at least weekly, even in the winter, as it is much cheaper for cheese and often even for produce. But I see you already shop there.

    I do shop at the IGA on St-Zotique because it is the closest actual supermarket, have no strong opinion about it one way or another. IGA Complexe Desjardins has a lot of ready meals and takeaway items as there are so many offices right there, I've never bought actual staple groceries there. It seems that IGA is a bit cheaper (or less expensive) than Metro, according to studies. If you are avoiding Loblaws, you'd also be avoiding MAXI.

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    1. re: lagatta

      Thanks. Is the Laurier one bigger than the St Hubert one or just has a nicer environment?

      1. re: meagain

        Is isn't larger, but seems to have a wider range of products.

    2. It's so cold that I ordered groceries online today from IGA, using the Place Desjardins location. It's not a huge store so if I had a choice and was out in a car I'd probably go to Marché Adonis. You could also try Segal and Sakaris to see if you can find the juice and snacks you need, although I'm not sure that's an improvement over PA.

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      1. re: Plateaumaman

        Juice is often a loss-leader, even at pharmacy chains. If you have kids who drink it, it is best to stock up, wherever it is on sale.

        This site (also in English) has the best buys at major chains, by categories. Note that it doesn't show PA, or even Intermarché.

      2. If you used to go to the loblaws on Jean-Talon, a good alternative could be the Metro on Beaumont. Depends where you live, it's more West than other options you seem to be considering. But it was an alternative for me when I lived on Hutchison street.

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        1. re: sweettoothMTL

          I like that Metro but it is possibly the most expensive supermarket on the island, at least for a major chain.

          1. re: jfprieur

            I went there once in search of Magnons? beef ribs and the prices were incredibly high all around. Thanks for the memory confirmation.

            1. re: jfprieur

              Yes, 5 Saisons is also a Metro banner, but it never denies being posh. In the Plateau, the Intermarché on Mont-Royal, corner Boyer, is a good supermarket, but I'm unclear on their relationship with Loblaws Inc. They don't seem to be a Loblaws banner per se, but do carry a lot of PC stuff. They seem to be franchise only - I can't find a lot about that chain online.

          2. I am curious as to what the dispute was about. I shop at the St. Jacques location nearly every day- and have never had any issues whatsoever.

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            1. re: maisonbistro

              We'd been shopping Loblaws JT for 15 years. It's a huge clean store. Overpriced produce but good for some hard goods, frozen stuff, and sale goods.
              Our dispute was over the PC points plan splashed all over last weeks flyer, get $20 in points for every $100 spent, just sign up in store!
              I get the card and am assured that I will get all points but have to register the card at home.
              Of course when I register online later those points don't show up.
              I contact CS and am told that to qualify for the $20 per $100 spent I would have had to get my card in store, GO HOME and register it online (can't do that in store, no option), and then, believe it or not, CHOOSE, online, that you want to get a $20 credit for every $100 you spend that week, then GO BACK to the store to shop..A total and complete failure in customer relations.

              1. re: meagain

                I agree with you, but you should write to them.

                I feel as you do about the Jean-Talon/Parc Loblaws. I almost never buy produce from there; not only are they expensive, but they have US produce in July and August, when equivalent local produce is readily available. I rarely buy meat there either, or cheese, since they downgraded their 50% off clearance specials. Other shops and supermarkets nearby are cheaper and better.

                But I buy cat food there (my elderly cat loves their super-premium "senior" variety), over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, some household items, some "international" items actually cheaper than at the East/Southeast Asian shops at Jean-Talon and Saint-Denis or the South Asian shops on Jean-Talon west.

                I didn't bother with the points stuff; this is rather a mess with most supermarket chains.

                But of course it is your call.

                1. re: lagatta

                  I did contact them. PC Plus, Loblaws, and Weston customer service. All seem to go to the same place though.
                  Anyone have Galen Weston's contact info?

                2. re: meagain

                  My impression from reading the fine print about the points card was that it's not a points card at all; you have to sign-up for a PC credit card first, and the points are attached to that. Is that right?

                  1. re: Shattered

                    I find the points cards are a bit of a scam in any event; I have the Metro card, and I think I got all of five dollars from it over a few years. (I am not "loyal"; I comparison shop and can walk to three chain supermarkets), and of course a lot of my shopping is at smaller retailers and the Jean-Talon Market.

                    1. re: Shattered

                      No, you can have a PCPlus card without credit affiliation.. But I understand the fine print confusion. I have no idea why corporations want to do this to customers. Make it straight forward please.

                      1. re: meagain

                        They do it hoping they sucker ppl into signing up for their credit card, then hoping they don't pay the bill every month.

                        Thanks for the info.

                      2. re: Shattered

                        Actually no. I got the PC points card when they first came out- and do not have the credit card. I get points with every purchase, and have so far redeemed $100 worth of points. I do shop there every day though- and you do have to read the fine print with some of their offers... like the $20s worth of pts for every slice of a $100 - I got it once, but when my next bill was over $200 and I didn't get it, I contacted them- seems it was a one time only offer. But I must say in their defense, they answered my emails quickly and politely.

                      3. re: meagain

                        Metro would not even let me look at the terms and conditions of their points card before I signed up. They insisted that I was only allowed to see the contract after signing. I never did.