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Dec 17, 2013 01:00 PM

Mercer County area lamb for 12-24 evening meal?

I live in Mercer County NJ, almost 1/2 way between NYC and Philly. It's a little closer to Philly, and, generally, a much easier drive than going to NYC.
I'm planning to cook a (Frenched)rack of lamb on 12-24-13. I'm looking for butcher/meat shop recomendations. I know Phily and NYC quite well, but would prefer Philly area: less trafic, less hassle, no $18 bridge tolls, etc.).
My usual go to place is in PA: Ely Farm Products

Ely's is close to us, and, in my experience, their farm raised meats and
home made artisanal cheeses are hard to beat.

In all fairness, I must admit that McCaffrey's usually has good lamb too. I'm not really interested in Wegmann's or WF (I've tried them both)and think Ely's is much better; just IMHO).

So, if Elys is so great, what do I want here? Just some more knowledge/info, from anyone who cares to share. If you've done Ely's, are there other places you'd place above it? If not-do you have other suggestions along the NYC-Philly corridor?

Finally, I've made crown roasts of pork-has anyone tried that with lamb? Is it feasible? If so, where might I get one?


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  1. There've been a lot of recent articles about Double Brook Farm in Hopewell. It seems that they have a limited supply, so call first. Here's the link to their store.

    Likewise, there's Beechtree Farm, also in Hopewell. You can pick up the meat right at the farm. Again, I'd call first.

    Disclaimer: I haven't tried either of these. But It would be kinda cool to serve lamb that was raised practically next door.

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      Thanks very much-Hopewell is even closer than Elys in PA.

    2. If you are going all the way into Philadelphia, you should consider going to the Border Springs Lamb stall at the Reading Terminal Market.

      Lamb are raised in Maryland. The lamb is used at some of the better restaurants in Philadelphia including Serpico and Nona's.

      For Pork you might consider Blooming Glen Pork in Blooming Glen.

      Below is a list of places that sell locally produced meats, including beef, pork, lamb, bison, turkey, chicken etc

      1. My mom always made crown roast of lamb for Christmas Eve so it is very doable. The butcher in Doylestown that she used is long gone. Illgg's might do one but it might be too late to order.

        1. While mail order you might consider Jamison lamb. When at D&D it was the lamb we carried and was really wonderful.
          They supply and are partially owned by Thomas Keller.

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            I'm not sure if this is the same place marketing under a different name, but this is Thomas Keller's lamb farm, which happens to be in PA:


            This is what they serve at Per Se. I've had it at Blackfish and it is really good lamb (but expensive).

            I also found it a bit ironic for them to play up their "holistic" lamb raising practices, and then tag it "Patented".